Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Drive

I took my camera with me to church today so we could get pictures of the huge piles of snow melting around town. What was going to be a quick stop actually turned into a fun Sunday drive. :)

I handed my camera to Patrick and said "Just take pictures. Take a picture of anything you want." And this is what he took as he said, "Really?" LOL, gee thanks.


That was unedited. Needless to say I quickly changed the settings on the camera so my pictures would not all be so blue. :) Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do about the look on my face.

Next is one of several massive piles of snow in the back of the Cashwise (grocery store) parking lot. Can you just imagine all that snow pushed off the parking lot then left there until spring? That's a LOT of snow and a LOT of cold weather!!



Got a little ice in their shoes from climbing.


How this snow looks is both ugly and beautiful. It's so dirty yet so incredibly fascinating!



Next we drove over to the paper mill in Sartell to get pictures of the frozen Mississippi River. I was surprised to see people walking on the ice and actually ice fishing down below the dam.


This guy was ice fishing above the dam. There were snowmobile tracks all over the snow on the river too. I am terrified to even walk on that ice, it still dumbfounds me that anyone would want to go riding on it!


Hard to believe we were just right there fishing in our "summer clothes" 5 months ago. Has it really been that long???


Our mailbox, which was so entombed with ice, is just about free (the ground is still quite frozen) and dying its last breath (notice the door has broken off). This spring we will get a new one...just hang in there a little bit longer!!


Funny story about the river in Sartell. When I first arrived here in Minnesota 13 years ago, there had just been a fairly large snow storm.  I was in a brand new place and tired from a long journey. I stared out the window and tried to take it all in.  It was a little overwhelming.  As we passed through Sartell, I looked out the car window and thought, "I wonder what they plant in THAT field?"  It was a valid question.  After all, I came from the mountains, where there wasn't a lot of flat land.  Flat land held good crops most of the time--can't let it go unused.  I never imagined--really--that a river would freeze completely over.  Especially not a large river (and though the Mississippi is "small" up here, it is a decent size in comparison to the creeks that run through my hometown).  So we have loved laughing at my naivety ever since. 


I'm hoping that we will be able to catch the ice going out at the right time so we can take Patrick back to see it. They will open up the dam and those huge chunks of ice will slide's massive and crazy!

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  1. I love the identical pose of Micah and Patrick in the "ice in the shoes" pic. LOL

    Glad you enjoyed your Sunday afternoon. ")