Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Single-digit temperatures (4 F) didn't stop Mitch and the kids from playing in the snow today!

Zeke was doing back flips and tumbles in the snow...and loving it!
Mitch throwing snow onto Josh...he has done a LOT of shoveling!

Josh, Malachi, and Zeke with a little perspective on how high the snow is...I'll have to take a similar picture in the spring for comparison.

Mitch lobbing a huge snowball at Micah.

Micah tackled Caleb when Caleb announced, "King of the Hill!"
Caleb wasn't too happy about being overthrown so easily.


  1. lol, I had to comment about the tree picture - I agree - its hard to get a picture that really shows the depth of the snow, sometimes.

    This morning while waiting at the bus stop with my daughter, we were looking at apartment complex bus stop down the road -- those kids playing on a snowhill from their parking lot being plowed. That hill had to be at LEAST 10-15 feet high. They were playing with the fullest part of the trees it was buring! So fun!

    I'm glad you're feeling better now! Hard to believe the doctor didn't suggest that calcium remedy - seems they like to ignore the easiest solutions!

  2. THis looks like a LOT of fun!!!!

  3. Hi,

    I just wanted to say I love your blog. I found it through Pampered Cheeks. I have only made it a little ways into your blog, but I know you Love the Lord and want to serve Him. Praise God. And I went to Molesky's (sp) link - wow - fantastic. I will pass that on too. Just wanted to say hi and it's so nice to meet another believer. I have a blog too (, but haven't written in over a year - very serious family issues just took the heart out of me for a while. But you've inspired me ot get back to it. It was so much fun. Have a wonderful day,

  4. I noticed this last night, and again in your pictures... might I suggest that next winter you take your lights down along the driveway? They might last a bit longer that way! LOL