Thursday, March 11, 2010

Action Shots

Tirzah is showing off her new diaper for us! These are available for sale now, I just don't have any made or stocked in my store. :) I will make the pattern available later this year. You know, after I spend the hours it takes to create it. ;)



{In this picture it looks like the diaper is uncomfortably high in the back, and it is generous, but not nearly like it looks.  On a positive note--I never have anything "blow out" the back of the diaper!}

{This one is not focused very well, but you can see how nicely the modified leg gussets fit!  Tirzah's legs are pretty scrawny for a 10 mo, but these also fit around chubby legs without leaving red marks.}

In other news, I got my bloodwork results back from the doctor for my 6-week post surgery visit.  My hemoglobin is 12.3!!!  I feel like I could do cartwheels.  :)  The proof is in how I feel--I went from needing a minimum of 9 hours of sleep at night to functioning perfectly (even waking up early) on about 7.5 hours.  Since our kids stay up "late" too--until around 9 p.m.--this is crucial for me to be able to stay up a couple hours longer to get "work" done.  (My white blood count and platelets were also normal.)  Yay!


  1. As if those pictures alone won't sell your dipes, I'll rave on you a bit more. ;)
    We now exclusively use Pampered Cheeks and LOVE them. I am amazed that some of the "big name" diapers we've had have elastic that is nearly non-functional after six months of use. Not our Pampered Cheeks! Elle has been wearing the same beautiful PCs for the past eight months and they are in PERFECT condition! You definitely can't tell they've been in a fairly small rotation for that long. Plus, we NEVER have blow-outs with our PCs. They're the best. :)

  2. Adorable diapers and wonderful news about your bloodwork, Steph.