Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Beautiful Girls


{Holly & Tirzah}

Speaking of Tirzah, she is now 11 months old!! Crazy girl. I love having a baby girl again, and I'm going to love having a toddler girl. She is walking everywhere with ease. She hates to stop moving. She loves her brothers, even when they are mean. She is fairly strong-willed. She is learning to sign "more", "milk", and "all done". We have also tried to teach her please, water, and cracker, but I haven't seen her try those yet. She doesn't talk except for "Hiiiii" and "Da-dee". Although we're pretty certain she saw Eden through the window the other day and shouted "Eeeeee" to mean Eden. She is a pretty average size--which means small compared to Malachi at that age. She really doesn't like jarred baby foods, but is happy to try whatever we are eating. Some days she will eat more than Malachi! She loves foods that she can chew. She's very independent. She loves to copy her brothers. She has a good memory (if I take something she has and put it away, she usually goes right back to it), and is not easily distracted from something she has her heart set on. Oh boy!! She is still nursing, but she's very interested in drinking from a cup, so we'll see how she transitions now over the next couple months. For now we are focusing on learning boundaries, signing, and what the word "no" means. :)


  1. and she can drink from a straw! :D

  2. You do have beautiful girls! I love the age that Tirzah is at. It's so much fun to see their personalities blossom. :)

  3. That picture of Eden is awesome! Eden and Tirzah are both so beautiful!