Sunday, March 07, 2010

Desperately need to update

Yes, I know I need to update my blog!!

We have been busy.  It's wonderful to be back to normal.

Thursday evening I got to go to Bonnie's house with Kristin and sew all evening.  We had a blast.  I am working on 14 diapers right now--7 for me and 7 for Courtney.  We are using some very special fabric, so all three of us (Courtney, Kristin, and I) will have adorable little girls with matching cloth diapers on their bums.  :)

Friday evening Mitch took everyone to the YMCA except for Micah and Tirzah while I stayed home to sew.  Kristin came over and we got quite a few more things accomplished.

Saturday Mitch went to the cities for YFU Volunteer training.  It was awesome!!  I took the 5 oldest kids over to Papa & Grandma's (Paul and Marilyn's) for a special snowmobile day with their cousins.  They had a big surprise--2 new little snowmobiles to add to the Kitty Kat they already had.  Oh my it was so fun.  Seeing my 4-year old driving that tiny snowmobile was just about the cutest thing ever, but it was even more cool to watch them all riding around on the lot, not hitting each other and not even hitting the trees.  Cool.  Pics to come.  While they were having fun, I slipped back home and got 2 more good hours of sewing in.

Today was church, then lunch, then grocery shopping, and ended the day like ice cream with a cherry on top--we watched some of Lord of the Rings.  Fantastic!

Mitch has an earache and I have told him he should never ever dive in the water again without ear plugs.  All the kids had red faces from the exorbitant amount of chlorine in the water at the Y.  :(  Mitch also has a cold, is very congested (sinus infection??), sore throat (not strep), and coughing.  Yep, he feels pretty run down.

I have tons of pictures and want to share, but for now text will have to be sufficient.  Tomorrow morning I head in to the clinic to have my blood counts checked (I'm confident they will be perfect) and get a Hib booster.  Glad to have closure on my surgery and that whole ordeal.  Yay!!


  1. So glad you are back to normal!

  2. Sounds like you've been busy! I'm sure you must be relieved to be getting back into sewing again.

    I hope Mitch doesn't have what we've had. We've all had a hideous cold virus that seems to either start with sinus trouble or sore throat. For Brad, it spread to his bronchial area and he began coughing. Not a productive cough, but a tickly cough with a tight feeling in his chest. All four of us have had it. Brad and Jacob have had it for a week and a half. It just hangs on and on and on. :(

  3. Ahhhhh Jami, that sounds EXACTLY what Mitch has! His cough does not sound like a good productive cough, but dry--almost like someone with emphysema. Oye. Maybe I should send him to the doctor. What is so hard is this comes on the heels of a cough/cold we had barely two weeks ago. It was a different virus altogether with a loose/wet cough. I haven't been sick at all, except a little extra post nasal drainage and a fever blister (a tale-tale sign of a new virus). Ugh.