Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Hope bought Tirzah this adorable Spring outfit. I love the bright colors! I love having another girl and a little more pink around here now.


For some reason, Tirzah loves to play on the couch and on our bed. She recently demonstrated that she knows the best way to get off the couch...I was quite surprised!



{Yes, it looks like she's going to fall here...and actually she did lose her balance when she touched bottom...but we had her do it a couple of times and the first time she landed perfectly...but I wasn't on my game with the camera. Next photo shows her "perfect" landing the first time.}


{She has also decided to try "running." It looks more like a running fall! But she's got to keep up with her brothers somehow.}

{Proof that looks aren't everything and clothing doesn't make the person. She's still a drama queen, no matter how cute she looks!}

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