Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Birthday, Eden!

Today is Eden's 11th birthday.  This post is really going to stretch my memory, but here goes.

What makes this 11th birthday more special is that today is Monday, and E was born on a Monday.  Easter is this coming weekend, as it was the year she was born.  It is so fun to remember.  :)  My water broke on the morning of Monday, March 29, 1999.  I was actually due on April 15th, but SO relieved to be at the end.  I quickly woke Mitch up and asked him to get a towel (the thought did not occur to me to get OUT of bed).  Mitch came back with one towel and I said, "That's not going to do it!"  We have laughed about that ever since.  I had a long piddly labor.  Since we went to the hospital right away, we invited interventions that may not have been necessary otherwise.  Still, it was a wonderful delivery with Mitch and my best friend, Joy, present.  I was thrilled to have a baby girl.

Eden was a great baby.  She was a good nurser, and Holly convinced her to take a bottle (after a lot of struggle) when I went back to work 2-3 days per week.  She would wake up fairly early in the morning, though, and I didn't like that too much.  She had a nuk, which she loved. 
It took Eden forever to grow any hair!
When Eden was 2, Daddy cut the end of her nuk off.  Poor girl--she said, "Daddy broke my nuk!" She entered the "goofy grin stage" and accomplished the famous task of being able to touch her nose with her tongue (something her brothers canNOT do!!).

The September after Eden turned five (below), she started Kindergarten at St. Cloud Christian School.  E has a very tender spirit, peppered with a strong will.  She loves girly princess things.  One day I came home from grocery shopping and went looking for Mitch.  Eden came running up to me yelling something, but I wasn't really listening.  Instead, I put my hand on her head, and let it slide down the back.  I gasped when I realized what she was saying, "Lookie, Mommy, my hair growed short!"  Yep, she had taken the scissors to her hair and cut clean around the sides and back.  It turned out cute, but I sure was sad.
When Eden started losing teeth, she entered another goofy grin stage...not wanting to really smile and show off her teeth.

At 8 years, Eden's hair went through a strange growth.  I accused her of cutting her hair again, but soon realized she had short pieces all over her head and there was no way she could have cut it like that.  It was all new growth, and it came in curly and thick.  But in the meantime, it sure did look funny!  There wasn't much we could do with it.
When Eden entered 3rd grade, we began our first year of homeschooling.  She really misses her friends, but she studies well and catches on to new concepts quickly.
Just after Eden's 10th birthday, she got her biggest wish--a baby sister, finally!  Eden really loves Tirzah.

Eden is turning into quite the young lady.  It's so hard to believe.  In a couple months we are going to have a weekend away--just me and her.  I am excited to share this time with her!!



  1. Happy Birthday Eden!! Hope you have many, many more fun days!! Grow up sloooowwwly though!! :)

  2. Happy Birthday Eden! BTW, the bangs look great... it's really obvious what a difference they made looking at the last picture and the one above it. You are growing into a beautiful young lady. ")

  3. Happy Birthday! My child is very slow to grow in hair and I am becoming quite anxious :)