Friday, March 26, 2010

Heavy Construction

Sometimes telemarketers call here because we operate two businesses out of our home:  Pampered Cheeks and our daycare.  I really get some interesting calls.  Today topped them all. 

I didn't recognize the number on the caller i.d., so I handed the phone to Mitch to answer.  Mitch's side of the conversation went roughly like this:

(Caller says, "Hello, is this Stephanie?")
This is Mitch.
Who is this with?
(Caller says he wants to call and confirm before sending out our invoice to update our listing)
Update what listing?
For what business?
Ok, hold on one minute.
Steph, do you want to update your yellow pages listing for Pampered Cheeks?
(I don't have a yellow pages listing)
This is already listed?
How long has it been listed?
12 months?
Who listed it?
(I asked, "Under WHAT category?")
What category is it listed under?
Construction?  What kind of Construction?
(Steph:  WHAT?!)
Heavy construction?

We were rolling laughing by this point, and the poor telemarketer hung up on us.  Oh well...he didn't want to have any fun I guess.

How did a business like Pampered Cheeks, which makes custom cloth diapers, get listed under "heavy construction" and how in the world did we get a yellow pages listing?  Not to be confused with the registered trademark official company Yellow Pages...I immediately checked online and checked the phone book:  we are not listed.  Hmmmm...

I smell a scam!


  1. LOVE IT!!!
    They used to do that to our company all the time. They'll send out invoices and the office manager will just pay it thinking it's the real yellow pages ad that they REALLY asked for.
    Then when you finally figure it out and ask for your money back they'll say that your paying them created a contract and now you are listed and have to pay for it.
    It's horrible!