Tuesday, March 23, 2010


We had a birthday party here this past weekend for Selena, Hope's daughter. It was fun. Patrick taught us a new game called "Ninja."

Start with your hands folded in the middle, like Kyle's, whose you can see.

Then someone says, "Ninja," and everyone takes one step behind into a random "ninja" position.


Then one person starts.  This person can use one hand at a time and try to hit/touch someone else's hand. The person attacking must not take any steps.  The person being attacked can move their hand only (not their feet) out of the way.  (The point here is for the attacker to be quick).

If the attacker successfully touches the victim's hand, the victim then places that hand behind his/her back and can't move it any more.  Once both hands are hit, the player is out of the game.  The turn is over whether the attack was successful or not. 


If you want to pass on your turn, you can simply reposition and then pass on the chance to attack.  When you reposition, you can move your feet and your body to whatever position you want.


Last person in wins. Of course, I'm probably forgetting something here. Patrick says it's definitely ok to make up the rules as you go along. :)


  1. That game was pretty fun!

  2. This was the best game EVER... I totally thought those Germans are weird with their ninja games... then Pat says... "no its an American game!" Silly Americans!