Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Break

Patrick and the rest of the kids are on Spring Break this week.  It's so much fun having him home and not having to do school.  Even though we are still doing daycare, it's pretty relaxed around here.  The younger kids are finally all getting better (had 3 daycare children with ear infections and I'm willing to bet that Tirzah's ears look pretty red, too, but she doesn't have any other symptoms).  We all can't wait for spring and warmer weather.  It looks like our temps will climb up to 50 next week...I can't wait!  We had some rain this week, too, finally washing all the snow from our deck and freeing the tricycles from their icy bonds.  :)  I wonder what the river looks like and if we'll have time to go check this weekend.  So...we didn't go anywhere, didn't take time off work, and didn't do anything extra special, but it has been a fantastic relaxing week nonetheless.  Tonight the "boys" are planning a computer LAN (local area network) party.  They are setting up extra computers and our home network.  They have invited friends over.  With all the computers connected, they'll try to annihilate each other in Ages of Empires II.  I'm going to find a place to hide.  With earplugs.  :)

Patrick has been helping me re-write my Pampered Cheeks website.  It's something I have wanted to do for a long time.  It is needed in so many ways. Not only does the content need to be updated, but the actual code itself is a nightmare sort of mess.  When I first started my website, I used Microsoft Frontpage.  If you speak HTML, that right there is 'nuff said.  But--hey--I did it ALL myself!  When I upgraded computers, I had to switch to using a standard html editor.  I chose Evrsoft, which is a decent program for its part.  But what I really needed to do was start over.  Which is what I didn't do.  And finally that motor of motivation I had to update my site slowed down until it stopped altogether.  I haven't updated in a looooong time.  Enter Patrick and my new, beautiful code.  The new website will be up-to-date, simpler, plus much easier for me to update.  And when he goes home to Germany?  Well, he's got that all figured out, too.  He's much more resourceful than I have time to be!!  Here is a sneak peek screen shot of the new improved home page:

Patrick has actually been working on the code for a few weeks (months?) now.  We have been working together on it for a few hours this week.  I am SO excited!

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  1. I love the new simplified layout for the website! Can't wait until it's all done. ") And, I noticed, looking at the site yesterday, that it said there were pictures of Tirzah coming soon -- from last April. LOL

    I'm also SOOOO glad you are finally feeling more like yourself!! The decline was so gradual I almost didn't notice, but now that you're "back" I can really tell what was missing!!

    Love you!