Monday, April 26, 2010

Green Thumbs

We have been thinking about gardening and talking about gardening probably almost every year since we've owned our own home.  We've tried growing a few plants, but nothing really productive and never an actual garden.  Last year we got semi-serious when we built our raised-bed garden in the fall.  Now this year we are making plans for that space!  Maybe I should make myself clear here--*I* am trying to stay out of it.  Because I'm pretty sure my thumbs are brown.  But Mitch has taken up the reins and is planning some fun stuff.  Last week he started some plants with the kids.  We were totally surprised to see some of them up already this week.  Wow!  That was fast!  (Fine, yes, all you experienced gardeners can go ahead and laugh at me).


Even more than that, we were surprised to see just how much the little plants grew from this morning to this afternoon! I think we could just sit and watch them grow. :)

This morning:

This afternoon:

Patrick thinks we should plant some cake, frosting, ice cream, etc, plants! I agree. ;)

Mitch is also going to expand our "garden" by trying a method called "Straw Bale Gardening." (I recommend looking on youtube for videos or searching google for more information). He bought some straw bales this weekend and today started treating them with ammonium nitrate to help get them ready for plants.



Next I'm going to suggest a rain barrel to catch the rain off our roof! 


  1. I've become avid about gardening ever since reading "Food Not Lawns". My blog has lots of gardening pictures if you want to check it out. A fun project that your kids would like is "seed balls". The radishes I harvested today were from the seed balls my daughter and I made. I think that even if you fail, it won't hurt to try. It's really rewarding to go out to your yard to get something to eat instead of to the store...

  2. I was just reading about straw bale gardening a couple of weeks ago. It looks interesting, but I don't know if I'm ready to do that work!