Saturday, April 24, 2010


Oh my, I'm doing a happy dance!

I almost don't want to admit how I fixed it.

I took the "broken" SD card and put it in my back up camera.  (Yes, I am ashamed of myself).  And guess what?  It "broke" that camera's SD slot too.  Ugh.  So for about 5 min I was thinking, "Stupid, Stupid, Stupid."  Then I thought, "Hey, at least it's a cheaper camera, now I can play around with it."  (Yes, that was stupid too, but that's just how I am).

And after playing around for a few minutes, I was able to "reset" the trigger mechanism by pushing the card in much further than normal (think of a retractable ball point pen).  So I grabbed my D80 and fixed it...just like more rigging it up.

And the broken SD card?  It's going in the trash!!  :)


  1. And to think what you would have paid to have someone else fix it! Yay for you!!!!! :)

  2. YYAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY! AMEN! I felt so awful for you. I am so glad it is fixed. :0) You rock!

  3. Wahoo!! Now really, what does that say about the fix-it place you took it to?? Shouldn't they know about the reset mechanism?? I'm SO glad you saved yourself a chunk of change, now use that savings and go buy a new card. :)