Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mixing Up Names

If you have a child, or especially more than one child, you may have called your child by the wrong name before.  Oh it's classic!  My poor kids get it all the time.  But today was really funny.  Mitch had Zeke and Josh believing that he couldn't remember their names.  At supper Mitch said, "One day I'll be able to remember all your names."  And Zeke replied, "You should just practice them every day."  LOL  As if he doesn't!!  I assured Zeke that we know all of their names. 


But they may not know all of our names. Earlier today Josh came out on the deck and yelled down to Mitch, "Daddy, what is your name again?" And Mitch replied, "Mitch." Josh said, "Oh yeah, Mitch Theis, right?" "Yes." "What letters is in that, Dad?"


He's a little infatuated with drawing and writing letters. He often brings his "words" to me and asks me to read them.

When we want to get a child's attention (especially when they are in trouble), we often call them by their first and middle name. It is evident that a child learns his own middle name before he learns those of his siblings. We often overhear them trying to mimic us by combining their sibling's first name with their own middle name or in a completely mixed-up order:

Malachi yells, "Tirzah Jude"
Joshua yells, "Malachi Eleazar"
Zeke yells, "Joshua Paul"
And so on... "Ezekiel James", "Caleb Andrew", etc...
But Tirzah Jude has to be our favorite. :)

For the record, here are the correct names: Micah Andrew, Eden Rebekah, Caleb James, Ezekiel Paul, Joshua Eleazar, Malachi Jude, and Tirzah Joy. Next time we do a video I want to try to get everyone saying their own names so that our German "family" can hear how we pronounce it. :)

Patrick doesn't have an official middle name. So one day we were talking and I said the name "Wolfgang" so wrong that Patrick was rolling laughing at me. Therefore his new name is Patrick Wolfgang (and I'm sure to say it wrong again). :) Does it stand to mention that we say the name "Patrick" wrong as well?


  1. you forgot to mention the part where if Eden is in trouble, we say 'Rebekah Eden.' that's just strange, but then again i do believe it was her father that started that. ;)

  2. My younger daughter is named Avalon Grace, but when she was a toddler innocently getting into trouble, we'd always yell GRACE!! lol, it seemed fitting :)

  3. lol Cute blog entry!! I call my kids the wrong names all the time, and I only have two! And sometimes I even call Brad by one of the kids' names! I tell him he should be home more often--maybe then I'd get his name right. LOL!

  4. I always call the kids by someone else's name. That is why I end up saying "you over there"...I love reading your blog posts so keep posting.:)

  5. I totally understand the saying German names WRONG! My sister in law is from Germany, and her whole family lives here as well. Our church is probably more than half German immigrants right now too. So I try and say their names but fail miserably :)