Monday, April 12, 2010

Old Made New

You may remember this cool bunkbed that Mitch built for the kids last year:


Well, for a while now we had a different idea we wanted to try. Mitch finally got a chance to work on it (the weather has been very cooperative). I'm excited about it! The colorful bunk bed below was given to us by the Emerson's. It has a twin over a full. Micah and Malachi had been sleeping on the bottom on a mattress just on the floor for a long time. It worked, but we wanted to explore different sleeping arrangements. We gave the mattress away, moved Eden out of the boys' room and temporarily into the baby room (in the cool car bed), and moved Micah into a twin size bunk bed. Malachi, surprisingly enough, is actually sleeping in his own bed--yay!! Micah is a *little* sad, if you can believe that, and is asking for another baby brother to sleep with. Good grief! :)


I think converting a twin over full bunk bed like this is a helpful idea for other families with many small children (and maybe not so much space).  Josh will eventually grow too big for this bed (we can only hope) and graduate to a larger bed, but it will work for another year probably. 


I think Mitch did a great job.


For the record, *I* don't plan on painting the wood to match the rest of the bunk. No thank you. It sleeps the same whether painted or unpainted!

I don't think any of our sleeping arrangements around here are ever meant to last very long.  :)  Mitch and I have had our bedroom in every room of this house except the sewing room (that would be 5 bedrooms, the office, and both living rooms--although one was only briefly).  That is to say, we switch rooms around often.  Patrick is lucky he hasn't had his bed switched on him mid-year!  LOL.


Sometimes you've got to sleep wherever you can find a place.  This one is awfully popular for sure!



  1. What a great idea! Looks great!

  2. Cute! I don't know why some people are in such a hurry to get their kids out of toddler-sized beds. Our crib mattress was a real nice inner-spring mattress, and we kept our daughter in it for 3.5 years (would have been longer, but her twin mattress was her reward for learning to stay dry all night)... still, 3 1/2 years is much longer than my friends used theirs...

  3. Hey - I have an idea for Patrick - you have so many cute pictures of him with your family...have you thought about going out to get one of those collage frames? I know Shopko has some nice ones - ones that you have a seperate back for each picture (less work to change out pictures)... Anyway, that way you can display your favorite times with Patrick and when he sends you pictures of his life after he moves home (graduation, wedding, etc ), you can add those to his frame... ??? Just a thought that crossed my mind

  4. wat to go mitch! that is awesome!! we might have to contract you sometime!!

  5. What a nice post. And the bunk is cute. People are so strict about where kids sleep, lol. I say, let them fall asleep wherever they will. Especially if you have 7.