Wednesday, April 07, 2010

A Random Catch-up Kind of Post

We had a fantastic Resurrection Sunday (a.k.a. Easter)!  Church was fantastic, and it was so nice to worship with our family and friends.  Afterward, we all had a blast out at Paul & Marilyn's.  I want to post pictures, but there are so many good ones it's hard to choose.

Alright, I did it, I went through the photos and chose.

{Not from Easter, but I had to share anyway.}

{Grandma and Papa had a super-fun egg hunt planned for all the kids. Below: Zeke}
{Below: Malachi}
{Some kids needed help... Below:  Josh and Grandma}
{Below: Holly & Tirzah}
{Below: Eden, Hailey, and Zeke}

{Maybe one of the funnest things was a fight with the marshmallow guns. Below: Micah}
{Below: Patrick}
{Below: Papa}

{Papa outfitted the snowmobiles with wheels in place of the they are dubbed "grassmobiles." I found it funny that Malachi was eager to ride, a few weeks ago he wouldn't even sit on one! Below: Micah and Malachi}

{Happy Easter!}

{I missed Caleb...all of my pictures of him are not very good, or he is looking away.  Bummer!!}

Hmmm...some more things going on:

I sewed 6 special diapers and stocked them in my store.  They are cupcake diapers to celebrate Tirzah's birthday.  I am going to sew a couple more.  I also have a give-away going on for some Imse Vimse flushable diaper liners.  So go enter to win that.

I have been working hard on cleaning and reorganizing my sewing room, with Bonnie's help.  It's coming along great!

Goodness we are almost done with the website.  It's coming, I promise.

Mitch has been sick for a long time now.  We are not sure if he's had pneumonia or just a lingering cough with virus after virus coming on.  It seems like he gets better, then falls ill again.  It's been over a month now for sure, but it may been even longer than that.  On Friday he got ill again--saying it felt like a wet blanket was on his chest.  On Saturday he woke up with a fever, so he went in to see an express-care doctor.  He just completed a 5-day treatment of Zithromax, but is still feeling weak/tired/sick and coughing up phlegm and junk.  His fever is gone, though.  I am urging him to go to the doctor for more tests.  Please pray that he will feel better soon.

Patrick made crepes on Monday since he had the day off from school. I didn't try time I won't be so shy...but Zeke did!


The kids only have 5 more math lessons in A Beka, then they will all be moving on to S.O.S.  We ordered Micah's curriculum, and as soon as it gets here he is going to start 7th grade and Caleb will start 4th  grade.  Eden won't start 6th grade until September.  Everything is still going well.  I don't want to give the wrong impression--SOS is waaaayyyy easier than what we are currently using, but it is still not hands-off.  I still must know what the kids are studying, help them, check over their work, and even reassign things that I think they need to study a bit more.  I have to give them study and note-taking tips, plus assistance just learning a whole new way to learn.  But it takes much less of my time and it really is easy to use.  It takes time for everyone to learn.  Right now our current "issue" we're working through is my smart kids rush through lessons, answering questions and not really absorbing the information.  Their shortcomings are quickly revealed when they score poorly on quizzes and tests.  I can easily see how much time they have spent on a lesson.  When I see they spent very little time, then scored poorly later, they know they're going to have to redo the lesson.  So that's what I'm focusing on teaching them!

Well, I've taken way too long to type this out and must get on with the daily chores.  :)  There's lots more I could write about but not enough time...oye!


  1. Fun pictures!! And I love your diapers. I gave up cloth diapering when #5 came along. I liked it, but it was one of the things that I chose to cut out to simplify my life a little. Otherwise I'd buy some of yours!! :)

  2. Okay, we need to know how to make those marshmallow guns!

    And, I had to tell you that when Victory saw the picture of Mitch with the "grass-stache" she said, "Ewww! That's gross!" LOL