Sunday, April 11, 2010

Road Trip

My best friend, Kristin, and I loaded up our babies and traveled to Southern Minnesota to visit our friend Courtney.  How did we meet Courtney?  I couldn't tell you.  I've been reading her blog for a long time.  You might remember that Courtney and her hubby Chris came up to visit us last August.  This trip was planned in December, but then I got sick. 

Our weather turned out to be perfect.  It really couldn't have been a better day!  Their home was a nice 3.5 hour drive from us, so Kristin and I got in lots of fun girl gab time there and back (though I'm sure I did more than my fair share of talking!).  It was MUCH needed.

{Tirzah and Jericho}

Rather than take the interstate, we opted to drive the highway and enjoyed the scenery as we passed through many small towns that I had heard about but never visited before. That was really fun for me! There were so many things that I wanted to see, remember, take pictures of, but we also wanted to just get there. But as we were nearing our destination, I slammed on the brakes and turned around...I HAD to have a picture of this sign:


Courtney made us a delicious lunch (homemade pizza).  Then we just had FUN and TALKED and LAUGHED and played with our adorable babies. 


{Don't you love their dresses?  Tirzah and Elle}

{Jericho and Elle}


Kristin made all the girls' dresses!!  Aren't they adorable?

Jericho's birthday is January 13, Elle's is February 14, and Tirzah's is April 21.  So we have a bunch of peanuts on our hands.  Tirzah obviously kept up nicely with the girls (actually she was quite the bully).


{Courtney and Elle}

{Kristin and Jericho}

{Me and Tirzah}


  1. I know how we met! It was through the Homeschool Lounge website. I was only on there for literally a week, but on May 23, 2008 I followed your and Kristin's pages to your blogs and the rest is history! :)
    I'm so glad that you guys were able to come. I hope that it's sooner than next year before we can do it again. We plan on being at Mille Lacs quite a bit this summer, I'm sure I can sneak over to St Cloud at some point. If not, I'm in the cities ALL.THE.TIME. We can totally meet for lunch or something. :)

  2. Looks like you gals had a blast!!!!! Love the pics of the beautiful girls!