Monday, May 03, 2010

Book Review: Plan B by Pete Wilson

I just finished reading "Plan B:  What do you do when God doesn't show up the way you thought he would?"  by Pete Wilson.  Every one of us has had moments in life when things did not turn out like we expected them to be.  Pete fills the book with both Biblical and real-life examples of people who have experienced difficult--excruciating, heart-wrenching--circumstances, yet have been able to place their hopes and trust in God in order to receive peace, comfort, strength, and love.

The book is very easy to read.  The stories that Pete tells are relatable and easily grabbed my attention.  He uses a story-teller approach to retell Biblical accounts, and I am a little distressed that perhaps he took too much liberty with his story telling in this respect.  Even though I was interrupted many times while reading, I was able to refocus and pick up right where I left off with the book.  I really appreciate that!

Now for the bad news.  I really felt like this book falls short of telling the whole truth.  He presents a watered-down version of the Gospel, which is no real Gospel at all.  He minimalizes and glances over the fallen, sinful nature of our human race.  It is very evident that he resists "offending" or "shaming" or "judging" anyone for their sinful lifestyle, however gladly leads the reader to the Cross.  As a reader, I felt like asking, "How did I get here and what am I here for?"  The only answer I can think of is this:  well, my life didn't turn out the way I expected it to, I guess I'll try Christianity.  As our pastor says, "Christianity makes a lousy hobby."  I agree.  Pete failed to make a connection between sin and judgement that God passes on all sinners.  My hubby came up with a good analogy for this situation:  "It's like saying, here I have some medicine you should take, it tastes great!"  And you have no idea why he wants you to take it.  The Cross is not something we try because our lives are not turning out the way we hoped.  So while the book tugged at my heartstrings with stories of people in desperate situations, it covered up the places of my heart that really need to be scraped away.  It felt very shallow.  A good dose of Romans 3:23 (or all of Romans 3) and a healthy portion of Calvanism would probably straighten you right up.  ;)  Then I recommend Romans 8 to pull you out.

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