Friday, May 28, 2010


Fishing is what Micah loves to do. So much that he will not only let me take his picture, but he'll actually smile at the camera too. Last night he and Eden stayed overnight with Papa and went fishing this morning. About bed time last night, Malachi came in my sewing room and we had this conversation:

Malachi: Mom, where's Micah?
Me: He went to Papa's house.
Malachi: Oh, he's looking for fishies?


They "found" some fishies!



Papa and Micah each caught 12, and Eden caught 7. They brought home the 6 finest northern pike to eat, many of the 31 they caught were too small to keep and the limit is 3 per person.

Micah said that Papa let Eden drive the boat, and she put it on full throttle.  Papa, Micah and their stuff was all on one side of the boat, and Eden made a hard turn and almost tipped over.  Papa turned the steering wheel just in time.  Micah shouted to go slower, but Papa kept speeding her up after that.  Sounds like fun.  

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  1. That boat does not tip. Believe me I tried. It only skips and hopes. That is one of the reason we bought that boat. Eden was not even close to full speed or sharpness of turn. Micah is still living in a canoe! Eden did catch the biggest fish!