Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Have Fun with the Bears!

Mitch, Paul, Patrick, and Micah are all heading up to Ely, MN this weekend and from there canoeing in to the Boundary Waters for some rustic camping.  A few months ago I remembered reading in the paper about a live bear cam out in the wilderness where several bears were being tracked and one bear, Lily, had just given birth.  Today I decided to go back to the website to check up on this newest little bear cub, Hope.  She is SO cute.  Here are a couple fun videos:

{This one makes me thankful that I don't have to nurse a bear cub...though Tirzah is not much better! I am empathetic for Lily. LOL}

{The kids and I love this one...Lily comes back from wading in the lake and plays with Hope. Then Lily walks away. At first Hope sits and cries--then finally gives up and follows her mama. Tough love and discipline!}

Lily and Hope are on a private property in an undisclosed location "up north." However, reading up on the website has been a "fun" reminder that our boys should use caution as there are bears (and bull moose...and other wild animals) up there!  The Nature Center is located in Ely, MN.  How nice...LOL.  :)

North American Bear Center

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