Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Hobbit's Birthday

Ok, not a hobbit, but Mitch.  He's actually much to tall to be a hobbit.  But there are some qualities of hobbits in all of us, don't you think?  And Mitch is just barely an "adult" by hobbit reckoning (hobbits come of age at 33)! 


We celebrated by just Mitch & I going out to dinner at La Casita (a mexican restaurant)...yummmm.


Then we came home for dessert with the kids--a German chocolate cake with frosting I made myself (although Patrick says it's not really "German" since none of the ingredients came from Germany and I want to know how Mr. Smarty Pants knows that???).  It is Mitch's favorite, though, and it IS traditionally a German recipe and Mitch's whole family is of German decent, so there. 


(Remember just barely an adult by hobbit reckoning...)


Oh boy, Tirzah was pretty excited about the cake.


Will Daddy share?


One more of the girl who steals the show...see how her hair is beginning to curl up!!  We're seeing a lot of that lately.  :)

Mitch's birthday was on Monday and I'm just getting around to posting about it now since our week was so busy.  You might read that as I had other more important things to blog about, and that is definitely not true.  :)  But the poor ole boy deserved a prompt post on Monday and I just didn't get 'er done.  Happy Birthday, Honey, I'm so glad to have another year to celebrate with you! 

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