Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Learning to use the 200mm lens

Like I said before, I'm just learning how to use this 200mm lens.  I guess I'm really just learning how to do everything.  :)  But reading books is helping.  I think I also mentioned before that I have a terrible memory.  I remember by doing, and when I stop doing then I forget.  So I read, then try to practice as soon as possible...and keep practicing, so I don't fall back into old habits.  The latest book I'm reading is called "The Digital Photography Book, Volume 1" by Scott Kelby, and the edition I'm reading was last published in 2009.  It was on high demand at the library and I had to wait for it several weeks.  That's my idea of a good photography book!  Like the DSLR for Dummies book, this one is also easy to read.  The tips are bolded, highlighted, and organized in a logical manner that is easy to find.  If I don't "learn" fast enough, this might be one that I buy for future reference.

The Digital Photography Book

So back to the 200mm lens.  In the chapter on "Shooting People Like a Pro", Scott recommends a lens with 85 or 100mm focal length.  I am not sure if this is on a full-frame camera (if you have an "entry level" camera such as the Nikon D80 or D90, the sensor is actually smaller...so a lens such as the 50mm is actually equivalent to 75mm).  But I thought--my only lens that is in that 85-100mm focal length range is the 200mm zoom, so I'll try it.  He also recommends f/11 for portraits, when possible.  So that's what I'm practicing at the moment!  It's fun.  :)




I usually don't take time to edit my photos much at all. Maybe a little tweaking in irfanview, cropping, resizing...but otherwise I am usually very short on time. I have considered downloading a free trial of something like adobe, but I am afraid my brain might just rebel.

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