Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lily & Hope (Bear Update)

Remember the bears I posted about a couple weeks ago?  Have Fun with the Bears

Lily and Hope have been separated since Friday.  Hope is still too young to survive on her own, and researchers are torn as to what to do.  They can track Lily through the GPS collar she is wearing, but they cannot track Hope.  A neighbor reportedly saw Hope in their yard last night, but she ran away.  Lily has been moving away from the tree where she left Hope (and Hope obviously didn't stay), marking her territory and otherwise doesn't appear to be searching for Hope.  The researchers' main job is to do just that--research by observation--and intervention must be handled with great care.  You can follow the story on facebook or on the North American Bear Center website.

I have loved watching Lily and Hope and find the research extremely interesting.  Like many others, I hope that the two are reunited, and I struggle to accept "nature's course."  I find it intriguing that as humans we have such a capacity to care for the wild animals such as these.  This compassion must be God-given, however do we also sometimes over-sympathize?  Do we tend to project human emotions onto animals?  Maybe I'm just sounding a little weird here, but hang in there.  These two wild animals are loved by thousands of people around the world, but especially those closely related to the research.  The bears are completely incapable of earning their love and of returning it. Does that not reflect the story of God's love for us...just a little bit? 

So I want to be careful not to be carried away emotionally, but I also pray that no matter what the outcome, God may be glorified even in the story of these two bears.  :)


  1. I just heard on the 10:00 news that they found and captured Hope this afternoon. They are going to try and reunite her with her mom. Just thought you'd like to know.

  2. Yes...I have been following on facebook so I saw already that they have successfully reunited them. There were many concerns that Lily would have already stopped lactating and entered estrus (since May-June is the mating season). Apparently they caught the reunion on video, so I can't wait to see it and then I'll post another update. :) How fun to see these bears be so popular--it has done a lot to raise funds for the research!