Thursday, May 27, 2010

Patrick's Boat

Patrick needed to build a boat for his Physics class.  This was quite the project!  The teacher supplied him with a motor (which he will return), but he had to purchase or find the rest of the supplies needed for the boat.  We had a lot of fun scavenging toys (and alarm clocks) in our house trying to find parts we could strip off for his boat!  We actually found at least one other motor similar to his as  We procured 4 propellers from the Lego bin, and my silly boys thought that the 3 matching ones should ALL go on.  Anything we couldn't find at home (especially the balsa wood and aluminum rods for the propeller to attach to) was purchased at a craft store.  There were many small details that needed to be overcome, and I found this a particularly daunting project, so other than digging for spare parts, I tried to stay out of it during the problem solving stages.  Yesterday the class put their boats into rain gutters filled with water to try them out.  When I asked him how it went, Patrick tried to be modest about it (you know I would have come home yelling and whooping), but his boat not only had THE BEST TIME IN THE CLASS but it also drove very smoothly and quietly compared with some others.

Here are the pictures...didn't he do a great job???






{A reflection of his talented parents!}


His friends teased him and accused him of cheating...said he must have used some secret German technology. ;) Maybe it's computer-powered by Ubuntu?

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  1. Next project for that secret German technology - put a leg powered propeller on the canoes.