Sunday, May 16, 2010

Quite the Princess

Even though I try so hard to dress this one up and have her be "pretty", she constantly shows me that she is a toddler bent on following her brothers into trouble and getting dirty as often as she can. No worries here about this little girl, she knows how to hold her own! So this weekend I tried to capture her cuteness along with the dirt.

{Tirzah with her big sis, Eden}


{I was thinking, ok, this is good photograph material. It definitely tells a story.}

{This one tells the same story, different perspective, right?}

{Does this one make you cringe?? LOL}

{Or how about this one? Is she going to do it?}

{Yep, she did it. And I kept snapping big deal, right?} kind of was a big deal. A little while later I was putting groceries away and not keeping a eye right on my girl. She found some water to go with her dirt.


{Not so happy right then, but she was definitely happy to get in the tub. She loves taking baths, and was pretty excited to score some tub time! Eden put Tirzah, dress and all, right into the bath tub. Both cleaned up nicely.}

Oh my, what a princess!


  1. oh that's cute!! She is getting so big!!

  2. Oh Steph, I LOVE it! Kids being kids is just the best thing. :)

  3. Oh, I *love* this girl! Every time you post pictures of her I think how fun it would be to get her together with our June, a fellow-mischief-finder, who is two months older and *still* not walking most of the time. Just imagine how much dirtier Tirzah would be if she were still crawling!!!