Thursday, May 06, 2010


If this is some kind of weird joke, I don't think it's very funny.  =/  But the weather man is forcasting snow for parts of Minnesota for tomorrow.  Will it happen?  I doubt it.  But if I'm wrong, I've got my camera ready!  It's probably a good thing that we haven't set our plants out yet.

We have had another busy full week here.  On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I worked on sorting through all the kids' clothes.  I took Josh's 3T clothing out of his closet, and gave those to Malachi.  I packed away Malachi's 2T clothing.  I held back nearly all of the winter clothes and put out mainly "summer" items.  Josh then got all his "new" (hand-me-downs from previous boys) 4T clothing.  (The stuff that fits anyway--that boy is SO skinny).  I also went through Zeke's clothing, then through Eden's.  Eden's was a LOT of work.  She had many, many things that she had grown out of.  She's also not the most organized person, so we had to get her all fixed up just the way mommy likes it.  :)  I made sure all of Tirzah's 6-9 month stuff is packed away (except for one adorable shirt I just can't give up yet), and found a treasure trove of cute clothes when I peeked in the 18 month clothes tub.  I decided she will have to wear 18 mo clothing even if it is a little to big, because otherwise there are MANY summer outfits that she'll never be able to wear.  Yay!  (I love having a little girl).  So lots of sorting and organizing and moving later, finally our clothing is all tucked away neatly minus a few boxes of items donated for Holly's garage sale.

Mitch has been working hard in the garage and is making progress towards gaining a work area.  He also completed a project--he had a corner cabinet he'd picked up at a garage sale, and cut a scrap from a countertop to top the cabinet with.  He routed the corners to make it all smooth.  It's pretty cool!

Then today, Thursday, we had our daycare re-licensing appointment.  Our licensor came out and inspected our home and made sure we have everything in order.  It was a stressful time, but she is a very nice person and I always enjoy visiting with her.  Now that it's over I feel like I can think again.

Tomorrow Mitch & Patrick are off to a YFU re-entry orientation.  This orientation will provide the exchange students with information about how to transition back into life at home.  There is a small time for host families to join them on Saturday, so I will head over there then.  Do I even need to say what I'm feeling?  It is so hard to prepare for the inevitable...but I've been thinking about it for the past 8+ months.  Busy weeks make it even harder, because time seems to slip through my fingers like sand and I just can't make it slow down. 

I have a goal to finish 10 diapers by Saturday afternoon, but I'm only just starting to cut them out.  I'm not quite carving out as much time as I thought I would be.  Maybe with Mitch gone tomorrow night I can be a little "lazier" with the kids (as in put on a movie, and retreat to my sewing room, ha!).  :)  If I retreat with a Pepsi, I might even be able to stay awake later...hmmm....

I'll be sure to let ya know if we get that snow.  ;)

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  1. Steph..your organization of the clothes has motivated me. Ours used to be in bins by size and somehow I let it get out of control and it's a big mess. I think for Mother's Day, I'm going to give myself time to organize clothes (and clean our basement). :) (hugs) re: the upcoming transition. I can see from what you've written how much Patrick is a part of your family. :) Such a gift for you all! We have a chance of snow for Saturday night..even I (who loves snow) am not pleased. :P I'll hope your snow stays away if you'll do the same for me. :)