Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Bass Hunting

Last Friday night I was thrilled to be able to get away from the kids for a while and go fishing with Paul, Patrick, and Micah.  We were hunting bass on Middle Spunk Lake in Avon, MN.  I enjoyed fishing, but not touching the bait (especially not the leeches...disgusting little suckers, ugh) so I was glad to have the boys to help me.  I also didn't want to take off the fish that I caught, so again they helped me.  Since Paul promised me his boat would not tip, I trusted him and brought along my D80 to take some pictures.  It was fun to put down my pole once in a while and pick up my camera.

Paul hooked the first fish of the day--a bass--while trolling.
Then I hooked this Pike.  It came up fighting and gnashing its teeth and pretty well scared me--I didn't want to reel it in.  No one would take my pole, so I had to.  LOL.  But Micah handed Paul the pliers and he took it off the hook for me.  No way I was going to hold it.  We released this tiny fish.  Later I hooked a bass, but Micah threw it back.  They said it was too small, but I think they were just jealous. 

See--Micah does smile!

Micah, Paul, and Patrick

Patrick hooked a small-mouth bass.  This one was a keeper.

I loved how these two goose families put all their goslings together.

Micah and Papa.  Poor Micah didn't catch any fish other than a tiny sunfish.  Papa caught another small mouth bass that was big enough to keep.

Then as the sun was going down the big exciting moment happened--Patrick hooked a 17 1/2 inch small-mouth bass.
He said, "I can see all the way down!"  It was pretty cool to look inside that fish's mouth.

Lots of beautiful sunset photos.  The lake was nearly perfectly still.


  1. Oooo.....I love fishing, but haven't gotten to go in 4 years. My dad was my fishing partner. Guess I'll have to find another. Looks like you had lots of fun, though.

  2. You are such a girl! LOL Glad you got to get out on the lake. I finally got my license when we were up north for the funeral, but haven't even gotten a line wet yet. sigh.