Friday, June 11, 2010

Crazy Week

I'm so glad it's Friday!  Our first week on the new schedule is done.  It has certainly been difficult to get used to, more difficult than I want to admit.  I'm fried.  And a little bit tired of kids (ouch).  I estimated I changed somewhere around 35+ poopy diapers this week.  YUCK.  It was a long week.  On the other hand, I wish I had more time, that it would slow down a little.  We now have only 1 week left until we go on our "big trip."  I can't wait to see my extended family!!  Here are some pics from the week:

On Wednesday Patrick & I took all 7 kids to the dentist.  We have been seeing the same dentist (Central MN Pediatric Dentists) since Micah was only 3 years old, and we LOVE the people there.

{Lori is getting ready to x-ray Josh's teeth}
Lori was the first person to ever clean Micah and Eden's teeth...and now I do daycare for her! We also go to church with her. It's awesome to know her outside of the dentist office.  My kids love her and run to the door when she comes, both morning and evening, to tell her their "stories" every day.

I am shocked at how well-behaved Malachi is at the dentist. For someone who doesn't take well to new things, and can be very strong-willed, I am always worried that he will pitch a fit. But nope, he loves going and letting them "count his teeth." He even goes back without me!

{Josh again}
The dentist staff obviously have experience working with children--they know what works to distract them! Lori doesn't always spend time in the clinic. She also travels to schools and daycares educating children and adults on proper dental care. She is very passionate about spreading the word about pediatric dentistry. She says that children should start seeing the dentist when they get their first tooth, or when they turn 1 year old, but most importantly do NOT wait until 3 years old like some people say. Sadly, they do TOO MANY procedures every month where they actually have to put children Malachi's age to sleep in order to place caps, do crowns, etc. :( If you wait until 3, your child may have already formed bad habits, and also may have significant damage or decay. Also, never ever put your child to bed with a bottle or sippy cup with milk or juice--water only, please!

This was Tirzah's first visit to the dentist. She loves Lori, too, so it wasn't hard to get her to hang out and sit in the chair. It was the actual laying down that ticked her off. But she throws a fit when I change her diaper, and I figure that some things just need to be done! So I laughed as I held her down (squirming), and we counted her teeth too. :)

Out of 7 sets of teeth, there were only a couple of spots to "watch" and only 1 child had a cavity that needed to be filled.  They took care of that cavity while we were there, then we were off.  But some of my older children did get some stern instruction on being more diligent with their tooth brushes.  ;)

The busy morning at the dentist wore Patrick out, so Tirzah put him down for a nap, made sure he fell asleep, then she escaped. LOL.

I did a lot of cleaning and organizing yesterday and today. I got out dolls for the little girls to play with (Tirzah + daycare friend). Tirzah LOVED feeding this baby.

She was obviously tired, but didn't want to give up feeding the baby. So she did what a real mom would do:



{Sharing the baby's "nuk"}
I then tried taking Tirzah to her bed, to see if she would lay down with the doll (and fall asleep), however Tirzah decided co-sleeping with her "baby" was not exactly what she had in mind.  So that was the end of that.

Finally, Patrick & I are working on t-shirts for our trip. We are spending a day in DC and want to wear matching shirts to help keep track of everyone. More on this project as it progresses...

Those are just a few highlights anyway. I'm sure this weekend will go way too fast, and next week will be even busier. I'll try to keep you updated!


  1. Wow, I can't imagine taking a 1yr old to the dentist! You are brave indeed. Our dentist likes to have the kids start coming with mom and dad around 3, but doesn't even sit them in the chair until some time after that. I suppose it doesn't hurt to get them used to it all early on, though!
    Mama Tirzah is too cute. :) Elle loves to rock-a-bye her babies. They are at such a fun age.

  2. We have the same dentist :o) They come here on Fridays! LOVE THEM!