Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Mosquito Bites

We went camping this weekend (more on that later), and with camping comes mosquitoes, ticks, etc. We were swatting and checking for ticks all the time.  We pulled MANY ticks off of us--ick.  All of them were normal wood ticks.  We only saw one deer tick, and it was not attached to anyone, thankfully.

When I got home on Monday I went to the grocery store.  After shopping, I noticed my leg was stiff and sore.  Yes, I got more exercise than normal (the toilets are a long walk away) and thought it might be just sore muscles, however it was from bug bites on my leg.  One on the back of my calf and one on my ankle had swollen up and turned deep purple.  As the day progressed today (Tuesday), they became more deeply bruised.  The swelling from the bite on my calf has about the diameter of a baseball, but is improving.  My ankle has become MORE swollen and hurts a lot, it does not seem to be improving.  It's crazy to think that it's from a bug bite!  I am sure that it is from mosquitoes, not from a tick nor a spider.  We are hypothesizing that it has something to do with my spherocytosis and splenectomy.  When a mosquito bites you, apparently it injects you with something to stop blood from clotting.  In some people this can cause bruising under the skin (which would explain the bruise).  I have reacted to bug bites before, however this swelling is much more severe.  I have had a busy day and been on my feet a lot, so I'm looking forward to heading to bed and resting.  I'm sure that it will help!

{Above: both bites earlier today
Below:  my ankle just now tonight...ouch!}


My foot really didn't improve over the course of the day Wednesday, so I called the nurse at the clinic I go to and described my symptoms.  She recommended I come in to be seen.  There is more redness and swelling around my ankle and foot.  The doctor I saw put me on an antibiotic (augmentin...I STILL am not worthy of receiving a z-pack I guess...LOL) and also recommended zyrtec.  The nurse I spoke to today said that I should plan on taking zyrtec any time that I head out camping as a preventative measure (although I assume having an allergic reaction to the bite did not cause me to get an infection).  I picked up some generic zyrtec, but opted tonight to take benadryl and head to bed.  It is swollen and it stings/burns, plus is sore to walk on.  Weird.  The drama seems like it never ends!  All said and done I think the best preventive measure would be long pants and bug spray.  ;)  Here is what my foot looks like now...ouch!


  1. That's crazy! Just looking at it, it almost looks as swollen as a sprain! Ouch.

    1. I have it now it really hurts and itches (mines from a mosquito bite) I know this reply may be like 8 years after you wrote yours, its still a reply so....... lol

  2. oh wow! I hope the swelling has gone down. Bria always got welts from mosquitos, but I've never seen them that bad!

  3. Thanks a lot for posting this. I googled "mosquito bites bruising" and your blog came up! I had the same reaction from mosquito bites two days ago and was freaking out! I feel much better now that I see I'm not alone!

  4. Hi.
    I went to a country this weekend.
    It's good that I found this. My feet look exactly the same. Same foot and all. It gives me some relief. Will go to the doctor tomorrow, though. It's itchy and tender and swollen.

  5. Good post! Still helping in 2012. I'm on antibiotics too and waiting for the purple to clear up! Won't come too soon.

  6. Thank you for sharing. I am feeling relieved that it is likely just a mosquito, and not something serious. I have been bitten by a spider - Brown Recluse - and it was awful. Burned like fire and began to spread and it took 4 months to finish healing. So whatever it is, it began with really severe itching - just in one spot - down by my ankle and it kept on for days. Since it started, now 2 weeks, I have never 'not' felt it. The itching is getting better, but now it is bruised around the dot in the middle. Thanks for your story. You have an attractive, wholesome looking family - rare now'days.

  7. Thank you for sharing. I have same problem, and cannot walk easily. :|
    Could I know what happened at end and what did you do?

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