Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Science Museum

Lots more photos...flickr is going to rebel.  ;)  We headed down to the Science Museum of Minnesota this past Saturday.  Besides their permanent exhibits, we were thrilled to be seeing the Dead Sea Scrolls (though there are no pictures of that--photographs were not allowed).

{Josh and Chi were comparing their weights to those of fish found in the Mississippi River}

{This light exhibit was pretty darn cool. I wished we lived close enough to the Science Museum to head there for all of our science projects.}

{Eden working an exhibit studying electricity.}

{Eden, Patrick, and Caleb having fun with huge magnets. These magnets were so powerful there were warnings all over the place.}

{We stayed from 2:30 pm to 9:30 pm and skipped supper altogether...but we did catch a yummy snack that we brought along, and no one complained of empty tummies!}

{I'm willing to bet these boys spent an hour just right here with these blocks. Maybe Patrick will blog about what he built. ;) }

{You have to admit, Mitch was pretty darn creative building this one!}


{The last time Micah was at the Science Museum, he was Tirzah's age and we had my brother, Bobby, with us who (at that time) was pretty close to Patrick's age. Cool.}

{Patrick and Tirzah exploring sound frequencies. This was one of Tirzah's favorite exhibits.}

{Micah and Patrick playing with circuits and electricity.}

{Now studying wind and air pressure.}


{Zeke making waves.}

We also went to the Omnitheatre and saw the movie "Arabia."  (Blah...Omnitheatre is cool, videography is amazing, theology stinks.)  And of course we went to see the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit.  This exhibit is a must see.  I don't think I could fully comprehend the reality of what I was seeing there.  Many artifacts pulled from the region, especially from Qumran, culminating with a few small pieces of the actual scrolls.  I peered long into the glass, trying to make my head believe that they were written 2,000 years ago and the significant impact they have on my own life.  Before leaving we were also treated to an astonishing display of the St. John's Bible.  It is beautiful!

There were so many more good pictures that I just can't post them all. We had a wonderfully fun day and the kids were great. We had a hard time keeping track of them sometimes. It was a good "dry run" for our upcoming trip to Washington, DC. The Museum was pretty much deserted after 5 pm, so that was super nice to be able to just see and explore and relax without so many people around.

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  1. That place is SO cool! We bought an annual family pass back in April and didn't see the scrolls yet. My 7.5 yo is begging to see them with us, so I think we are going to wait till this fall to see them so the kids will hopefully understand more fully what they ARE.

    Loved the pic of Tirzah on the ball table - that was by far one of my family's favorites (I couldn't understand why they couldn't get "into" the light wall thing -I thought it was pretty cool- your picture is awesome, btw :) )