Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Sound Off: What I didn't like at the Science Museum

Ok, now that I bragged up how much fun that we had at the Science Museum, I feel that I also need a chance to voice my frustrations about some things that I didn't like.  Three things in particular.

1)  This display just rubbed me wrong:
Now, let me begin by saying that I fully vaccinate all my children (with the exception of the flu vaccine...sometimes we do sometimes we don't). I believe in vaccinating, and I trust my doctor. But I HATE what this sign implies. It implies that all of my friends, whom I love, who do NOT vaccinate (or vaccinate selectively) are falling for "junk science" and I don't believe that for one minute. Would the Science Museum also call Creation or Intelligent Design "junk science"? Somehow I think they would given that.

2) The Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit. It was amazing, and I recommend it to everyone. That said, I read at least 3 times that the scrolls are different than today's modern text (of the Bible). They thought this was so important that they magnified it through repetition. I wish I had taken time to write down notes and exact quotations, since photographs were prohibited. One display was so infuriating to me. It was right next to the actual scroll. The title said something to the effect of "there are differences." The following two paragraphs said nothing of the differences (which is poor writing). On a different display next to another piece of scroll there was a paragraph in small print at the bottom that said there are FEW differences, and of those they are MINOR. It continues to say in reality there are even fewer significant differences. Think about it: how old is the Bible? How many times has it been copied and translated? And there are FEW differences between our modern text and scrolls written 2,000 years ago? THAT IS ASTONISHING!!! Yet the display purposefully sought to minimize the significance of this fact. I was offended. Ken Ham, in his book "already gone: Why your kids will quit church and what you can do to stop it", published the results of a survey of 1,000 20-somethings who attended Sunday School. Of those surveyed, 39% said that the Bible contains errors.  Less than 40% believe that all the accounts and stories in the Bible are true and accurate. Do you know how fundamental it is to your Christian faith to believe that the Bible does NOT contain errors?? If you do not believe in the inerrancy of the Word of God, then you do not have a solid foundation for your beliefs. (I have a review of Joshua Harris' "Dug Down Deep" coming soon...the book is a great resource for more on this topic).

3) The movie "Arabia."  My children were wowed by the movie.  It was pretty amazing.  I only felt motion sick a few times.  The movie was basically a study of Islam, and at that it was even a poor representation.  The director/narrator implied that the Muslims worship the God of Abraham and the Christians worship the God of Abraham...and without saying it leads the viewer to decide that we worship the same God.  We definitely do NOT!  If you carry that thought through even further, this is a poorly disguised push towards a one-world religion...an idea that has been around for thousands of years.  Yuck.  The movie was crawling with ideas and theologies that were not overly obvious, yet contrary to both Christian and Muslim beliefs.  One line that had me just splitting said something to the effect of "Unlike other religions we [Muslims] do not worship idols, but we worship only one god."  Yeah...right...I'm pretty sure every human (besides Jesus Christ) to ever walk the face of the earth has worshipped an idol.  It may not be a little wooden statue that you bow down to, but every single act of selfishness is idolatry.  Every human (again, other than Jesus) was born in sin and this disease has us in bondage--we can not NOT sin.  It is a sad, desperate condition.  And there is no answer for that in Allah or Muhammad.  The only answer is Jesus Christ.  I didn't expect the movie to present the Gospel.  ;)  But if you walk away believing even one "fact" that is only a half-truth, then you are walking away believing a lie--and are in danger of being led down the wide path.  And there were so many half-truths in that movie that it was impossible to sort through them all.  Still it was good to talk about some of the really sad things we observed in the movie, even though my children were still in awe and glowing.  It is desperate to watch the Muslims bow and worship and circle and do their "thing"...and we feasted on 45 min of that carnage.  :(

To end on a positive note, Mitch got to overhear an interesting conversation taking place in the dinosaur display.  Like everything at the Science Museum, the exhibit was very interesting.  I didn't have time to go through it this time.  There was a table set up with a staff member to answer questions and lead discussion.  This was rather late in the evening, so the place was nearly empty, and a couple guys came up and sat down to talk.  They began asking her tough creation vs. evolution type questions.  One that he heard the guys ask went something like this:  "If there are so many millions of years, and you can find so many fossils of the T-Rex, why are there not many more "intermediate" fossils?"  This simple debate question probably would not stump a die-hard evolutionist or atheist, but this poor girl was stumped.  I hope they also left her with some encouraging words.  But I am glad to see people standing up for their faith, not just silently digesting "junk science."


  1. I was disgusted by the movie "Arabia". If it wasn't for the "dome" and the fact that one of my kids was almost asleep, I would have gotten up and left. I felt like it was a big advertisement! Hopefully, people see the futileness of these people's circling and prayer times and see that the legality of it is is just as dead as worshiping an idol (not to mention the whole idea of the Box and Mecca)

    I don't get why people have been "fadding" religions. Like, the past few years, it really seemed like there was this push for Judaism everywhere - suddenly, characters in movies and on TV were Jewish, magazines discussed it as if it were a "new age" kind of religion... Do all these people not get that even to this day, animal sacrifices are required for these people?! I'm just waiting to hear some person talking about being a vegetarian (because of the animal rights thing) and then claim their new faith in Judaism. Huh.

    I hope this movie helps people seed out true Freedom. That they have a faith in our God, who does not make us jump though hoops - One who simply has saved us by Grace.

  2. I am here to apologize for putting you and your entire family at risk for contracting a deadly (and completely preventable) disease. If that ever happens, know that I am sincerely sorry. *I would be sorry, but you know this was completely tongue-in-cheek*

    Also, I found it really funny that there is a typo -- apparently vaccines do *no* cause autism.

    I have so much more to say, but I won't start a big debate here on your blog. ")

  3. Jenny, thank you for sharing your thoughts and support!

    Kristin--ROFLOL! I didn't even notice the typo...that's awesome! :)