Monday, June 14, 2010


It's both happy and sad times around here.  Well, mostly sad.  You may recall that Tirzah and I had a tough start to nursing, and I felt like I nearly had to stand on my head to get her latched on and suckling.  Then things improved rapidly and went great up until 4 months...when she got teeth.  Ouch.  After months of biting, dealing with my own health issues, and on into the long months of the spring, I was feeling done.  Very done.  As Tirzah approached her first birthday, I began asking my friends and researching, "What is the benefit of continuing to nurse beyond 1 year old?"  Mostly I just wanted information to justify what I was already wanting to do:  wean.  The problem was that Tirzah really wasn't that interested in weaning.  And she wasn't all that interested in eating many solid foods, nor in drinking milk.  But over the past 2 months I have been very gradually weaning her.  I use methods of distraction when Tirzah comes to me crying and very obviously wanting one thing--I change positions, ask someone else to hold her, take her outside, find an interesting toy, give her a water bottle or cup of milk, or offer her a snack. It has worked well.  We first spread out feedings to approximately every 4 hours, and then longer.  In the past week I've been able to get away with nursing less than 1 time per day, and my body is adjusting appropriately.  Tirzah still asks to nurse occasionally, though, and it just breaks my heart.  Why?  I wanted to wean...was tired of nursing...but why do I feel guilty and sad?  Mostly it's because of her response.  :(  She is doing better with drinking milk and eating solids, but not always.  Tonight she refused to even touch her supper.  (That said, it was tacos.  Malachi had snarfed down 1/2 his taco before we prayed for the meal and after we prayed he refused to touch it any more.  What's the deal?)

Tirzah is also on week 2 of diarrhea (3 or more stools per day), and I'm not sure what the trigger is.  Last week I thought it may be a virus, but as it continues I'm not so sure.  I'm now looking to other causes, including food intolerances.  I already know that my children get diarrhea in response to fruit juice, so Tirzah does NOT get any of that.  I offer her tons of bananas, applesauce, and yogurt, as well as rice, and nothing seems to be helping.  So my next obvious guess is possibly a milk intolerance.  I don't want to cut milk out of her diet, but I'm not sure if I want to try a more expensive soy or rice milk yet.  Ugh!  Any of my readers have experience with this and know how to recognize it in children?


  1. Katie Phfier6/14/2010 10:13 PM

    This is kinda gross, but are her diapers mucous-y at all? Josiah gets terrible diapers if he gets any soy in his diet. And his eczema usually flares. He can handle most dairy, but does better on Rice Milk. If you can manage a trip to Trader Joe's every once in a while it's not too expensive ($2.99 for 1/2 gallon). Also, I know Dr's recommend the BRAT diet, but for some people apples and bananas can actually increase stools, so you may want to substitute veggies for those, maybe...just some thoughts...btw, I have to call you about some diaper issues soon...

  2. I would actually chalk up the diarrhea to molars/teeth over an intolerance. Katie is right...does she have any mucousy diapers (you'd be able to tell....they'd look frothy)? That's one of the ways I knew Oliver had an intolerance. That and every diaper he had was a mucousy diarrhea poopy diaper

  3. I would actually say yes that her diapers have been mucousy. :(

  4. We've had really yucky diapers here for almost two weeks now to. The once a day crowd is averaging 2-4 times/day. Yuck. I'm quite certain it's not a food intolerance around here since it started for both of them around the same time and we've not changed anything in our diet. (Although, they have spent some time at my parents over the last few weeks, so who knows what they're getting fed there! LOL) I'd guess it was teeth or illness of some sort.

  5. I would guess it's the yogurt and not because of milk, but I would check for frutose... Elly gets diahrrea from too much yogurt and lots of fruits (and juices). Good luck figuring it out.