Monday, July 05, 2010

4th of July Celebration

We had a fantastic Independence Day Celebration here!  We had over Paul & Marilyn, Holly & Kyle with their 3 kids, Todd & Karri with their 4 kids, and Mark & Devona with their 2 kids. Paul and Marilyn brought a delicious smattering of pike, bass, and sunnies all ready to throw on the grill, plus we had corn on the cob, watermelon, potato salad, hot dogs, brats, chips, fresh peas, and a few different desserts. It was quite a summer feast!! I took tons of pictures (naturally).

{Mitch and Patrick did a great job decorating!}

{Zeke sinking his *gums* into some watermelon.}

{Tirzah is quite festive.}

After our meal, the kids began to prepare for a water balloon fight. Some of the adults really got in on the activity as well. Being under the deck filling up water balloons proved to be a perilous activity, as Mitch and others thoroughly enjoyed filling up pitchers of water and dumping it between the deck slats.

{Patrick shouted, "Come down here and fight like men!" LOL}

{Naughty grin! And with a dry shirt, too!}

{Ah...justice is sweet...}

{Is Paul looking rather guilty? Don't worry, his turn will come...}

After water balloons were filled, we lined up for a water balloon toss, then for a war. One problem--everyone is already soaked, how do you determine which team wins? We decided that anyone who had fun wins. We grabbed any toys that we could from the yard and each team built a "barrier". Then each team was also given a water hose, but their water hose was "tied" to the fence and thus shortened. Each team was given a wagon full of water balloons, and a large bowl of extra balloons was placed in the middle of the teams for anyone who dared venture there. I pretty much just videoed the game rather than taking pictures. I left my D80 inside for obvious reasons. :)

{Team 1}

{Team 2}

After the war, we rallied for more dessert. This time wishing Micah a happy birthday early (his birthday is on the 11th).


Then we cleaned up, changed clothes, and headed to the park for fireworks. We got there early and had to wait around for close to 3 hours for the fireworks to start. We entertained ourselves (and perhaps others) during the wait.



{The barge on the Mississippi River where the fireworks are launched from.}



{This was during the "grand finale"...the fireworks really light everything up! Notice that Malachi is asleep on Patrick's lap.}

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  1. That picture of Zeke eating watermelon is SO CUTE! And I like the one of Tirzah too. =) Looks like you had a wonderful day!