Monday, July 05, 2010

Back Seat Driving

Since getting the new van, Malachi has been sitting relatively far from the driver's seat, thus missing out on most of the action on the road ahead.  On last Tuesday I took him to the doctor for his 3-year old checkup.  Since it was just me and him, I took the car and he had a much better view out the front window.  He talked almost non-stop.  Here are just some of the phrases that came out of his mouth:

"Don't crash into those cars, Mommy."

"Stay out of the trees, Mommy."  (They were quite far away off the road)

(At a red light) "Wait for that car to go first."

"We need to go way up there."

And then the statement that had me ready to put a lid on it:

"Slow down, you're driving too fast!"

Of course, as he would have it, he was perfectly quiet and wouldn't say a single word to the doctor.  I promised her that he is talking very well.  He also would not jump, nor stand on his toes for her.  I was thankful that he at least stood on the scale and against the wall for a measurement. What a nerd!

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  1. LOL What a goober. ") Now if we could just get Shi talking that much we'd be golden!