Friday, July 16, 2010

Book Review: Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris

Back before we went on our trip, I finally picked up Dug Down Deep, Unearthing What I Believe and Why It Matters by Joshua Harris.  Our pastor had recommended it months ago, and I read the first chapter for free from or somewhere.  It looked good, but maybe not good enough to buy, so I waited to borrow it from the church library.  Now I have had it for my 3 weeks, renewed it for 3 more weeks, and it's currently overdue.  Guess I should have bought it.  ;)

Despite how long it took me to finish the book, I really enjoyed it.  It is full of theology and scripture and the Gospel, so it took a little while at times to digest what I was reading...but it wasn't so bad as I make it sound.  Think about trying to read theology, then 2 sentences in to the first paragraph being interrupted by a child who needs help on the's just hard to get back into it sometimes!  :)  Josh makes the book easy to read by narrating it from his own point of view--he tells the story of how he came to believe what he believes.  It's compelling!  I could write more on what the book is actually about, but I just read a great review here.  Why should I try to rewrite it when I can't do that good??  It will only take a couple minutes, if you're even remotely interested, to read the review.  Besides, since I didn't read this book for book sneeze, I don't feel under pressure to come up with my own words.  ;)

What I do want to point out is how this is a stark contrast to the Plan B book I read a couple months ago.  Instead of a watered-down version of the Gospel and a soft retelling of familiar Bible stories as Pete Wilson did in Plan B, Josh brings the Gospel straight on.  He quotes scripture that is spot-on, and when he retells stories of people in the Bible he does not "fluff them up" with made-up information or presuppositions about what the person or persons in the story are really thinking/doing/feeling.  He pretty much stays on target and has an honest retelling of the stories, pointing out interesting facts.  Josh recently asked on facebook if his friends could help pick another chapter from the book to add online so people can read it for free.  I don't know if he ever figured that one out, because there was no one chapter everyone seemed to agree on.  I know I couldn't even begin to guess which chapter was the best.  But I do agree wholeheartedly with the review I just read--I would give this book to my children, to my friends, to anyone who is looking to grasp theology...or maybe even just a deeper relationship with God.  In Joshuah Harris' on words:

"The irony of my story is that the very things I needed, even longed for in my relationship with God, were wrapped up in the very things I was so sure could do me no good.  I didn't understand that seemingly worn-out words like theology, doctrine, and orthodoxy were the pathway to the mysterious, awe-filled experience of truly knowing the living Jesus Christ."
I found this video on Josh Harris' blog (Click the link to get the lyrics...very helpful for people like me who can't understand rap...OHHH click the link, and there's another link to download the mp3...sweet). 

I have thought many times just how sad it is that so many people have read and loved Plan B.  Dug Down Deep was a privilege for me to be able to read, even more so after having read Plan B.  Next up I'm going to try to set my teeth into something a little more meatier (we'll see if it turns out that way)...a book by John MacArthur that I'm reading for book sneeze.  Right away in the prologue he takes a firm stand against the Emergent movement, so that looks promising for sure.  I hope it doesn't take me 3 weeks to read it, but I'm only on the third page of the prologue and already hung up on some big words.  Seriously, my reading level is shameful!

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