Friday, July 02, 2010

Days 5 and 6

I would have stretched our whole trip into a month if I could have.  I was even wishing for just 3 extra days, especially for this next part--visiting my family.  But we had a tight timeline to work with, and my family is quite spread out over the area.  It had been 4 years since I had been home, and 6 years since we had all been home together as a family.  To put it in perspective, the last time Zeke went to visit my parents in Virginia, he was cutting his two top front teeth.  On this trip, he lost both of those.  :)


My parents had not met 2 of their grandchildren--wow!! And I knew that they all would have so much to tell their grandparents. It was going to be exciting, and the time would be way too short.

Our first stop was at my Dad & Dianne's. They have a beautiful little plot of land nestled deep in the Appalachian mountains. To access their road, we drove a highway that I drove many times alone as a young college student on my way to Alice Lloyd College. It brought back a flood of memories fresh and raw. My dad and I share a love of cameras. He also happens to have a Nikon, and I enjoyed trying out different fun lenses he had. He taught me some new techniques and answered some questions I have picked up along the way. :)

{My dad and Tirzah}

{The creek/river that runs through their property. I got to use Dad's tripod for this one, and he coached me along.}

We spent the night with Dad and Dianne, and I got up early again.  It seemed to be a common theme on this trip.  But we didn't have to sleep in our tent that night, we all slept in the house.


It was another glorious sunrise!


{Malachi on the drum set--a very popular item}

{Dad, Dianne, and Tirzah}

{This one was taken with an old 135mm lens. It is fully manual, and Dad sent this lens home with me so I can practice some more--sweet!!}


{Zeke and Zach became very good buddies. I'm really going to miss Zach!}

I can't believe we didn't pose for a family picture with Dad & Dianne. Or at least a picture of me with them! 

We left Dad & Dianne's after lunch and from there we drove to the small town where I grew up, Rose Hill, VA. This is where my mom and Lee live. My nieces, Beth and Pippa, were waiting for us rather impatiently. My mom and Lee live on a farm.  Lee also runs a construction business and my brother works with him.  I was a twinge disappointed that there were no baby calves in the front yard for us to feed a bottle to (but I'm guessing that Lee is not disappointed--I saw the calves happily in the field with their mothers). Another interesting fact about my family is they raise tobacco--they have grown tobacco all my life. Maybe that will be a blog post for another time.

{Mitch and Malachi on a walk back from the saw mill}

{Mitch, Patrick, and Zeke with a young patch of tobacco in the background.}

{My beautiful niece, Pippa}

After visiting all afternoon with my mom, we loaded kids up (all except Zeke--who had started throwing up) and drove to visit two of my aunts and see my old stomping grounds. I didn't get many good pictures there, as it was getting to be dark outside. My Aunt Pam lives on my grandmother's old farm where I lived nearly my entire life before I went to college. It was so fun to run around on the farm again. She and Mitch fired up the 4-wheeler, and Mitch took each of the kids up on the hill overlooking the farm. This brings back even more memories for me--special memories of my cousins who lived in Bristol who would come down every year on Memorial Day and bring their 4-wheelers. Those were really fun times!! I'm glad my kids got to taste it. :)

{The White Rocks in the distance}


We got home late--again--probably close to or after 10 pm.  Some kids slept in the house and some slept outside in the tent.  I slept outside in the tent.  It was the worst night ever.  It was cooler, but the humidity was likely at 100%.  It was so wet that everything inside the tent felt damp.  Ick!  So I was again up the next day at 6 am--trying to get dry.  That's day 7 and another blog post, but I will say that it warmed up very quickly, the sun came out and dried our tent in a flash. 


  1. The pics (especially from your dad's) almost make ME want to move to the Appalachian's! Beautiful!

    Who is Zach? Did I miss something in the post, or was the picture the only mention of him?

    I'm certain I had another comment when I hit the comment button, but it's gone, so I guess I'll skip it. LOL

  2. Oh, right... Pippa!! How'd she get so big? She's just a baby... well, a toddler...