Saturday, July 03, 2010

Days 7, 8, 9, and 10

Nearing the end now...I'm gonna try to finish it up all in one post.  On Thursday, which was day 7, we spent the morning visiting with my mom.  My brother stopped by to say hi and give me a hard time.  He did pose for some pictures, though. I told him he is too skinny. :)

{My mom, Me, Tirzah, and Bobby}

{Patrick briefly demonstrated his diabolos. Mom and Bobby certainly were impressed!}

I was itching to get on the road to our next destination--Janet & Joel's house in Tennessee. Janet is one very, very special person in my life. She is just as much my mother to me as the mother who gave birth to me. There is no higher title I can give her but "Mom" also, because that's what she means to me.

{Janet prepared a feast and we all crowded around. This is proof that it doesn't matter how small your table is, you can certainly still invite my family over for dinner.}

{My nieces, Beth and Pippa. Beth, like Micah, sure has grown up!}

{Eden and Julia, another of my nieces that I just don't get to see often enough--Julia is so incredibly sweet.}

{Me, my step-sister Jess, and Caroline Grace...mmmmm I love that baby!}

{Me and Janet. Janet warned me not to cry, but tears still spill over every time I look at this picture.}

Day 8, Friday
We woke up a little later Friday morning and did some laundry. We slowly packed up our things and then made our way back up to Rose Hill to see my mom again. Bobby's little girls had been sick on Wednesday, so we wanted to make sure we got to see them before we left town. :)

{Here is another patch of tobacco that is growing really well.}

{My sister-in-law, Jess, with my nieces Sarah and Hannah, who were SO precious...I'm so glad we went back to see them!}

{Patrick snapped this family photo of us all.}

{Sarah, Hannah, Tirzah, and Malachi}

{So sweet!}


We left Rose Hill around 3 pm, and began our drive towards Louisville, KY. We planned to stop in Lexington and visit my roommate from college and meet her two kids for the first time. On the way Micah began throwing up. What we had hoped was just motion sickness turned out to be a virus.

{This made us do a double take.}

{Tara and me, SO good to see Tara again and meet her adorable children in real life!!}

We made it to New Castle, where Mitch's mom and step-dad live, before dark. We spent most of Day 9, Saturday, just recovering from the illness that took out Micah, Eden, and Malachi, and braced for the others to get it (they never did).

{Micah and one of the adorable fluffy kittens}


{Karen made Mitch's favorite for lunch: stuffed green peppers. I think Tirzah ate half of Patrick's. I was shocked!}


{Patrick & Josh enjoying blowing bubbles together.}


On Day 10, as early as we could manage, we loaded up and took some pictures before we began the long 13-hour drive home. We estimated it would take us 15 hours after a detour to avoid Chicago plus stops for gas and going potty.

{Grandpa Marc and kids in his new dream toy--a 1931 Ford--and yes, it runs, he took Mitch for a spin.}

{Eden and Grandma Karen}

On the way home Mitch eventually succumbed to the sickness, and I had to drive the last leg of the journey. I felt a little queasy, but wondered if it was due to the virus coming on or to just my mind playing tricks on me. At any rate I strapped on some sea bands and put the pedal to the floor, by this time I just wanted to be HOME. Tired and weary travelers, we pulled up in front of the house at pretty close to 11:00 pm sharp. It was such a good trip, and we are so glad that we could go! We are grateful for traveling mercies and the many provisions we had along the way. We are even more grateful for all the family that we stayed with and the blessed reunions we had with them. And I'm glad that Patrick got to go with us, that made it even more special. :)

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