Tuesday, July 06, 2010

How does your garden grow?

{5 of our cucumber plants are surviving and now have flowers...yipee!}

{"Knee high by the 4th of July" or so the saying goes...our corn is thriving, and we have two sunflowers.}

{A couple surviving tomato plants...one looks like it may have blooms in a few days.}

So our garden is not a huge success yet...Besides the corn and sunflowers, everything seems to be way too small. Mitch said something about using the wrong kind of fertilizer on our straw bales. After visiting Karen and Marc in Kentucky and seeing how well their bales are doing, I'm definitely sure I want to try again next year. We will start our plants indoors again, maybe even a little sooner, and we will use a different kind of fertilizer to compost the straw bales. I have read it may be possible to reuse these bales next year, especially the empty ones where our plants didn't take. So we'll see! The seeds that we planted in our raised bed never came up. Some of them were old seeds, but some of them weren't. I don't know why we had the mixed success. It's a learning process.

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  1. In your raised bed: you can still try planting more green beans, radishes, and lettuce. All of these grow pretty quickly. I will be doing more lettuce soon, and planted 2 rows of beans last week.