Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm tired of writing

It's time for some pictures, don't you think??  :)

These are from yesterday:

{Zeke and the corn...he is SUPER excited to see the corn growing.}

{Wow, our cherry tomato plants (there are at least 2 here) are growing quickly now!}

{The smallest tomato is new growth since we planted this one, so it has taken off well.}

 {I'm so sad--something has stripped my pepper plants.  There are no tracks in the soil, though.}

{Cucumbers doing can literally watch these things grow, I check them every morning and every night just because it is so amazing to me!}

{This cherry tomato plant has some new growth since we've planted it, too, so I am wondering how much it will actually produce. Actually, all of our tomato plants have new growth. The ones that looked the sickest are finally beginning to look healthy.}

{The very first cucumber to grow out of all the plants, looking so big now!}

{My naughty little girl loves dirt.}

{After supper Patrick left to hang out with Luke and go wake-boarding.  Mitch & I took the kids out for a walk.  We tried to help Zeke learn to ride a bike...he didn't do so well overall, but here Mitch was able to let go for a brief moment!}

{Malachi was zooming...look at Tirzah's hair flying in the wind.}

{Zeke took a turn pushing Tirzah while Josh took a turn on the bike.}

{From my neighbor's flower bed, I think I can almost smell them just looking at the picture!}

These are from today:

{Our sunflower has a visitor--yay!  Bees to help pollinate!}

{Oh my the corn!!}

{Future cherry tomatoes}

{Is it me, or does this little guy look better today?}

{Tirzah is just about ready to fall asleep in the swing.  Ahhhh...I think I could too.}


(As a side note...I completely screwed up all my html code on this post, so if you normally click on a picture to link to my flickr page and see the photo in a larger size, you can't do that this time...sorry. I like using flickr because the pictures show up much more clearly, however blogger is so much more user friendly as far as being able to click and see a larger size image. Sigh. I might just go back to using blogger.}


  1. I like it when you like to write :) With my internet connection, it's quicker to come over and see the garden in person!

  2. I've actually been irritated about the whole thing since you started using flicker because I CAN'T see a larger photo. It brings me to flicker and the photo is either the same size or sometimes smaller, and I can't enlarge it. So, yes!!! Go back to blogger!! ") (Or tell me what I'm doing wrong with flicker. LOL)

  3. I LOVE the last picture of Tirzah in the swing.