Sunday, July 11, 2010

Micah is 13!

Oh my! I have been preparing for this day for a long time. Even in the past couple months I have been telling people either that Micah is 13 or almost 13. But today it is full and complete. No more almost. It's here and it's done, and there's no turning back. What a strange feeling! I wish I could turn back time a little and slow it down some.


At 13, Micah

~wrestles with me everyday for his independence
~loves his baby sister, Tirzah
~hates to have his picture taken, but will ask me to take pictures of him and Tirzah
~mows the neighbor's lawn for $7/week
~usually completes his schoolwork (on S.O.S.) in under 3 hours
~hates to write reports
~rides his bike to Holly's house alone to babysit (or just to visit)
~babysits regularly for Todd & Karri also
~even babysits for me and Mitch :)
~owns his own computer, which he partly purchased with allowance money
~has very specific tastes in clothing
~is officially licensed to drive snowmobiles on the trails


~is taller than me...he just passed me up
~wears a size 11 or something HUGE like that in shoes (nope, he probably grew out of 11's last week, so make that 12's)
~wears a size 28 or 30 inseam pants, with a fairly small waist
~better stop growing soon or even JCPenny big & tall clothing won't fit
~is still shorter than his dad...for now...and has a ways to go to catch up to Papa
~doesn't realize it's mean to pick on short people, like his MOM

Micah loves to
~tell jokes
~play pranks
~wrestle with brothers
~wash dishes
~clean the microwave
~eat jolly ranchers
~play AOE on the computer with his dad, Cam, and Patrick
~play other computer and video games, too many to mention

Micah hates to
~take showers (and along the same lines, brush teeth, etc)
~swallow a tylenol whole (he would rather chew it up, yes, disgusting)
~give me hugs, except when *I* would rather not have a hug
~wash dishes
~clean the microwave
~eat vegetables (pretty much ALL vegetables, and MOST fruits, too)
~change poopy diapers (hey, who loves to do that anyway?)

Did you notice that I lied about washing dishes and cleaning the microwave? That was put there to see what kind of reaction I would get out of Micah when he reads this. :) He doesn't really enjoy doing those, but those are his chores.

Micah's chores:
~help Malachi with anything and everything. He is Malachi's "buddy".
~help prepare, serve, and clean up lunch (including wash the dishes)
~clean the microwave once per week
~mow our lawn (and no, we do NOT pay him $7/week)
~babysit once in a while

This weekend was pretty special. Cam is a guy that we have "known" online for years. Mitch and Micah both play a computer game with him. They use a game site to link their computers, but otherwise it is not an "online" game. It is called Ages of Empires, or AOE for short. Cam lives not too far from here, only a little more than 6 hours away in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada). However quite a few difficulties have prevented us from meeting Cam in "real life". Until this weekend. Cam made special plans to come to Fargo, and we drove up to meet him. We had a great weekend, and it was a nice birthday present for Micah.

{Mitch, Micah, and Cam after Cam presented Micah with a birthday card. I'll write more about our trip to Fargo later.}

I teased Micah that he was my worst baby to deliver out of all 7 deliveries. That might actually be true. Wow, I just can't believe it's been 13 years!

Happy Birthday, Micah-Man, we love you!!

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