Tuesday, July 27, 2010


My pictures are causing problems again.  A few months ago it was a shortage of hard drive space.  A 1.5 Terabyte drive solved that issue.  Now it is an organizational issue...moving through photos is time consuming.  I have been using Creative Memories Memory Manager for years and while it was great at the beginning, it just cannot handle the workload of pictures I am taking now (I have over 30,000 pictures).  Part of my problem is my trigger finger--I shoot and shoot and (almost) never delete.  So I need to get better about rating my photos every time I unload my memory card.  More than that, though, the program itself just can't handle loading the thumbnails for all those images.  So I have been exploring new options (including Picasa and My Photo Index).  It became ultimately more evident that using Ubuntu would expand my horizons.  I only wish we had done it when I first got the hard drive...seems a little late now, with Patrick leaving, but I think it will be ok...it's amazing what I can learn when I'm motivated!  So far I'm loving it.  :)

Part of the trouble is that Memory Manager stores all the photos in its own folders, in a random sort of order (I'm sure it's not really random, but is more likely based on a formula or algorithm).  So I can't just go into the program folder and copy out pictures that I want.  If I want pictures, I must open the program itself and export the pictures.  Deleting also takes a little longer than just manipulating the folders.  So I need a better system of organization.  Formerly I would pop my memory card into the computer, upload pictures into Memory Manager, and then not really do what I was supposed to do with them (rate, journal, edit, print, etc).  Going back to a system where the pictures are stored on my computer in organized folders will make much more sense.  If I still want to use Memory Manager for my "best of the best" or album projects, I can certainly add only those photos into Memory Manager.  Memory Manager has excellent photo-editing capabilities that are SIMPLE, and if you are into digital scrapbooking it works seamlessly with Storybook Creator (but so far I'm not into that).  For now I want ease of use and speed, combined with basic editing and the option to get into more complex editing.  But I have to "rescue" and reorganize my 30,000 pictures currently locked in the program folders and go from there.  I already did some practicing on Mitch's computer (where I had a backup of my memory vault) and seemed to cause some problems in Windows...all the more reason for me to switch to Ubuntu!  I don't know if I will end up going back to Memory Manager, simply because there are programs compatible with Ubuntu that seem to meet my needs better.

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  1. I have no idea what is all compatable with Ubuntu, but I know I'm really satisfied with Adobe Photoshop Elements. And it "watches" folders for new pictures - so I can store my pictures where I want them. (since my camera numbers them, I just have a folder for each year and have it download them into My Pictures --> "2010 General", for example. (any special project pictures I would create a folder for, such as my web/blog pictures folder within my "2010 General" folder on my HD.

    I have no where near that many pictures so I don't know if it would handle it, but the folders are always accessible and not required to be in a certain place.

    Oh, and i like the tagging features a LOT. And you can "write" the tag info into the pic files, so if you have to start a new photo catalog with PSE, it will import the tags. And you can caption and rate photos too (as well as the photo editing software included with it). It's well worth the $75-$100 for the program