Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Zeke and Dr. Seuss


Zeke has fallen in love with Dr. Seuss.  I don't mean just looking at the books, but he is actually reading the words.  This is a great encouragement to me.  He has a lot of people to look up to--all his older siblings love to read, and usually you can find me or Mitch relaxing with a book as well.  But up to now in reading, when Zeke comes across a word he doesn't know how to sound out, he quickly loses interest and stops reading.  Or he whines about not knowing it as an excuse to get out of reading.  But he has picked up Dr. Seuss completely on his own, his own desire motivating him to get through the difficult words.  And he's rewarded for his diligence--Dr. Seuss repeats a lot of words, so he is quickly memorizing new ones, and also he's caught on to the rhyming patterns and is using those to help him sound out new words.  I love to see him grin or laugh when he figures it out.

Yesterday he was reading One Fish, Two Fish.  He was on the page that says, "Yes. Some are red.  And some are blue.  Some are old. And some are new."  And he looked up at me and said, "But all of them are wet, aren't they?"

He loves the silliness of Dr. Seuss and all the silly pictures.  It definitely fits his personality.  :)

(Special thanks to Marilyn Hostetler for bringing us a big basket of books--the kids haven't stopped reading for days!)

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