Friday, August 27, 2010

Almost 5 years old!

We celebrated Josh's 5th birthday a few days early last night at Paul and Marilyn's house.  I took tons of pictures.  Click to see a larger version of each.

{Tirzah, Beau, and Papa}

{Micah and Josh on the new trampoline--the old one got broken in the big storm when a tree fell on it.}

{Josh was pretty good at doing a flip.}

{Malachi is loving it.}

 {They got the bright idea to have Malachi try to jump over Zeke.  Repeatedly.}
{He didn't quite make it.}

Then Paul got out the marshmallow guns.  Beau went crazy trying to catch and eat all the mini marshmallows!

{Mitch rather unfairly "shooting fish in a barrel"--Holly, Josh, and Kathi were in the trampoline}

{Micah is shot!}

{Kyle, Audrey, and Hailey}

{Tirzah raced Beau to get a few of the marshmallows...ewwwww}

{Mitch enjoys the trampoline as much as the kids!}

Finally time for cake and ice cream!

{Mitch, Steph, and Josh}

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