Monday, August 30, 2010

Book Review: One Hand, Two Hands

"One hand, two hands, five fingers, ten.  
Nails, knuckles two thumbs, and some skin..."

Thus begins this adorable new book, "One Hand, Two Hands" by Max Lucado (illustrated by Gaby Hansen).  I was excited to get this book in the mail.  Eden brought it in at the perfect time--I was just getting Malachi (3 years old) settled into my bed for an afternoon nap.  So we opened the book and read it together.  Before I started reading I asked Malachi how many hands he has.  He instinctively held up his hands in the air in front of his face and counted.  :)  It was a great way to start the book.  With each page he was delighted to tell me all about his hands.  When the book was finished, he asked to look through it again.  He really enjoyed the pictures and could already recall parts of the story that were not pictured (for example, one line says "holding a cup" and the picture shows a girl at a sink combing her Malachi said on that page, "And I can get a cup and get a drink of water."  So he obviously listened and retained some of the story on the first time through.) 

The book itself comes in a nice slipcover.  It would make an excellent gift for a special little person in your life, and the first page in the book has a box to mark "to, from, and date".  I have enjoyed sharing this with all of the young people at my house. says the book is for ages 4-8, however I have found that the 1-3 year-olds in my house can also relate to the story (and especially in Malachi's case, understand and recall it).  The older children willingly read this to the younger children.  They all love it, and that is definitely a good sign!

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  1. Max Lucado rocks for kids books. You need to read "You Are Special" if you haven't already.