Friday, August 13, 2010

The end of the first day

Well, I thought I would post a few pictures from Kathi's first day here before going to bed.  I wonder how she *really* felt around all these kids!  I had 5 daycare kids here today.  For giggles (or sympathy?), here are how the ages break down:
Three 1-yr-olds
One 2-yr-old
One 3-yr-old
Two 4-yr-olds
One 6-yr-old
One 7-yr-old
One 9-yr-old
One 11-yr-old
One 13-yr-old
Did you catch that--7 children are under the age of 5 years old (but just barely--Josh turns 5 at the end of August and his buddy turns 5 in October).  Yep, my life is crazy.  And I just brought Kathi into it.  :) 

Kathi did great.  She did a lot of listening as it seemed someone was constantly telling her a story.  Mitch says they should save some of the stories for later--after all, she'll be here for almost a year!

{Kathi helping Tirzah eat a yogurt at snack time.}

This afternoon we had a severe thunderstorm roll through.  We saw a lot of wind and rain, but north in Sartell at Paul's house many trees were knocked down.  The kids were all very sad to hear that Papa's trampoline was broken in the storm.  :(  It was one of their favorite things out at Papa's.  The sky was pretty cool to watch as the storm moved through.  After it was almost past and the sun was peaking through, we went outside to snap some pictures in the amazing light.

{Kathi, Eden, and Tirzah...yes, Kathi is very tall--her whole family is!}

{I don't know about Tirzah, but I'm really glad that she has a buddy again!  I have definitely missed having Patrick here to help with her.  I think Tirzah warmed up to Kathi very fast and they'll make good buddies.}

{This is one of the tomato plants that our farmer friend gave us for free 5 weeks ago.  He told us he didn't think they'd grow anything because they were in such bad shape and it was so late in the season.  LOL}

After supper Mitch, Kathi, Micah, Eden, and Caleb all went to Papa's house to help clean up from the storm.  We were all going to go, but the power is out.  No power = no water.  For anything.  That would include toilets.  13 people + 0 flushing toilets = not a good idea.  What an interesting first day!!  By the way, Paul and Marilyn are hosting a student too, Eva Maria from Germany, who arrived on the same flight as Kathi.  So she has also had a very interesting first day.  ;)

Oh--I almost forgot--all of our remaining caterpillars transformed into their chrysalis's this morning as well.  They were already hanging when we came home last night and this morning they completed the stage.

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