Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Fair Entry Day

I entered stuff in the fair for the first time in a few years today. In general, I usually shy away from "competition." But if you win a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place ribbon in the fair, then they pay you a premium (usually only a couple dollars).  Free money is terribly motivating.  And it's fun to walk through the open class exhibits and look for the names of other people I know, get ideas, or just appreciate the creativity and talent represented there!

First, I entered this afghan.  It is the one that I started when I was sick and headed to surgery in January.  I worked more on it when we went on our trip to Virginia and had it almost entirely finished by the time we got home.  Since each block is worked individually, then sewn together at the end, it was hard to see what it was going to look like until I was almost done.  We were right in the middle of the Appalachian mountains when I finally had enough blocks to lay out and see what it was starting to look like, and I said, "It looks like the Appalachian Mountains and the Chesapeake Bay Watershed!"  :)  So now I have some fond memories sewn into this blanket.  I think it turned out very nice (remember Patrick helped me pick out the colors)!

Next I entered pictures.  Each person is allowed to make 5 entries.  So I decided to do 4 enlargements and 1 collection.  It was hard to choose, so Kristin gave me her input and helped me narrow it down by looking back through blog photos.

This is the collection I decided to do, but the picture of it didn't come out so clear.  A collection had to be at least 5 pictures, and I couldn't take the time to find 5 of just one kid, nor did I want to leave anyone out.  In the end, I loved how this one came together:

I wrote Psalm 127:4-5 on the bottom.

Next are the enlargements I chose.  Each enlargement had to be in a separate category (so that I didn't have two photos competing against each other).

Kristin loaned me this stunning frame with the mat that just made the picture look even better!

"Travel or landscape"

"Available light, outdoor, night"

"Children or adults"  
This one I printed as an 8 x 10, but matted it down to a 5 x 7 and that looked really good.  The ladies were cracking up when I dropped it off and said they thought a lot of people would enjoy it.

The exhibit will be closed Wednesday morning for judging, but will be open again Wednesday evening so that visitors can walk through the exhibits and see who won ribbons!  Call me if you see a ribbon on mine.  :)


  1. With my mom being an advid quilter, I immediately recognized your afgahn pattern as a Log Cabin block! It wasn't until I read your post that I realized it wasn't fabric! Wow! That has got to be one cuddly blanket! Of course, I had to send my mom the link and she commented that you are very talented, and we both like your pictures, too :)

    (My mom is practically your neighbor - she lives in Kensington Gardens)

  2. So, that last one... did that fall under the "children" part of the category, or the "adult" part?? LOL Everything looks amazing. ")