Monday, August 16, 2010

The Promised Pictures

Here are some pictures to complete the story!  Click to see larger versions.

{Receiving instructions}

{Eden, Caleb, and Kathi stringing up their bows.}

{Mitch helping Zeke}

{Zeke & Mitch got a bullseye!}

{Josh, Chi, and Tirzah on the little merry-go-round}

{One large pine tree down in the park.  There were SO many trees down as we drove out to this park.  It was crazy to see.  I didn't take pictures because it was too hard to get a good view--but there were hundreds of trees down.  Many had fallen into the road, and were cleared but still lying in the ditch next to the road.  It was surreal.}

{Tirzah sitting on the downed tree.}

{This is always one of Micah's favorite exhibits to see, and we can frequently see it at the fair--a tank full of different types of fish.}

{Eden with a fox skin}

{Tirzah fell in love with the Voyageurs' sheep-skin chair!}

{Opening the gifts that Kathi brought from Germany.  Thank you, Kathi!!  They were so thoughtful!}

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