Saturday, August 07, 2010

Results from the Fair and the Weekend Away

Eden and I had a great time.  There was a lot of material to cover, and we stopped the cd's frequently to talk.  We went to bed around 10 pm and got up at 7 am.  Around 10:30 this morning we took a break.  I surprised her by taking her to get her hair cut.  She loved it.   After that we headed to the fair, and met Mitch and the kids there. 

The fair entries were good and bad.  Good because I got 3 blue ribbons and 1 red ribbon for my photographs.  Bad because I really didn't have that many people competing against me (so it's hard to know how I really did).  It was confusing--the fair entries had 3 pairs of classes for photo.  The pairs were "black and white", "color", and "digital."  Most people entered their color photos in the color classes, though I doubt that they were all film...therefore shouldn't they have been entered in the "digital" category???  Oh well, I thoroughly enjoyed looking at the pictures and seeing the champions in the class--some were simply amazing shots!!  Something for me to strive for.  :)

{Edited: I got 3 blue ribbons and *2* red ribbons for ALL of my photos placed, though I still don't know if it was by "default" or not.  ;)  Anyway, my total premium check was $7...sweet!  Enough to buy some ice cream treats.  I had some "constructive criticism" notes on the back of my blanket tag which gave me a much better idea of how I can improve there, too.}

The pictures were all in mixed-up order, so I don't think I ever found my 5th entry to see what else won in that lot.  But in the picture above, my collage won 1st place (as far as I could tell there were no other collages in that lot that I was competing I won by default).  On a positive note, at least I get $$ for the premiums, and if I were doing it all over again I would still enter the "right" way!

My blanket did not place.  :(  But I took pictures of the blankets that did.  What do you think??

{1st Place}

{2nd Place...Mitch really liked this one...see mine right next to it?}

{3rd place...I really liked this one and thought of the three, it should have been 1st...which I have no idea what the judging criteria is, and that really frustrates me!}

{I thought this entry was really cool--a chain mail shirt, and it also won the championship for that class--sweet!}

We went to visit Elle, a friend of Patrick's from youth group, who was competing with her horse in some competitions.  Eden and I both enjoyed that.

Afterward we did a little shopping, then went back to Kristin's to finish our cd's.  I fell asleep during the last cd.  {Blush}  Sorry Eden!  We finished our evening with a meal out together at Applebees.  It was a great time, I'm so glad we could do it finally!!

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  1. The blanket thing is really a puzzle... I'd love to know what their criteria are as well! I agree that the 3rd place winner would have been 1st place in my book, and in fact, if you just reversed the three that would have been more appropriate... Of course, like you say, it would be easier to make that judgment if you actually knew WHAT was being judged. LOL

    As for the photos, if you enter them in the wrong class, shouldn't that disqualify you? So, if a photo was digital, but not entered in the digital class, there's no way it should win a ribbon... (another thing that maybe the fair "authorities" should clarify! LOL)

    I'm glad it worked for you and Eden to use our house while we were gone. Two of the 3 caterpillars are now in their chrysalis/cocoon (thanks for thinking of them even though I forgot!). Oh, and Susie seemed less "pesky" when we got home which is, I'm sure, due to the fact that she had some company. ")

    Now that I've rambled too long, I'm realizing I should just email you. LOL