Friday, August 06, 2010

Running Away

Eden & I are running away this weekend.  I have been trying for months to plan a weekend away with her, but it has been difficult.  This weekend seemed perfect, but we didn't have a place to go.  As I asked Kristin for ideas, she offered her home (they are going out of town).  So we are not running far, but what a blessing to get away and have time alone together!!  We will be having scheduled activities according to a curriculum I bought from Family Life (Dennis Rainey) called Passport 2 Purity.  Mitch did this with Micah last year.  (It didn't turn out to be an overwhelming success...but that is another story...I have high hopes that things will be better with Eden).  We have some fun things planned, too.  Please pray that Eden and I form a good bond this weekend and that she feels comfortable being open and talking about things with me!


  1. Sounds wonderful! Wishing you a wonderful weekend together.

  2. Awesome! Have fun!