Sunday, August 15, 2010

Soooo Tired

I am too tired to upload pictures tonight...sorry!  I will have to add some tomorrow.  It will be something to look forward to and bring you back.  Right??  :)

We had a busy weekend.  Saturday was a fun event at the Mississippi River County Park called "Take a Day Off".  We all piled in the van and drove out to this beautiful park on the Mississippi River, a couple miles north of where Paul & Marilyn live in Sartell.  The kids enjoyed trying their hand at shooting a bow & arrow, making walking sticks, and more.  We met one guy and when we introduced Kathi and Eva the guy said to Eva in German, "I'm just a crazy old man."  I'm not sure Eva knew what to think, but she smiled and translated for me.  He was very nice.  He then sang us a German song.  The highlight of the day was going out on a pontoon boat, alongside a DNR (Department of Natural Resources...the guys who give you tickets if you are fishing without a license) boat.  This was a special boat made to do "electrofishing" for scientific research.  I did not take a picture.  :(  It had two large arms extending from the front of the boat, with long prongs that stuck down into the water (think: egg beater).  Through these was administered an electric current which shocked the fish in the water below.  As the fish were stunned, they floated to the surface of the water and a waiting DNR guy pulled them up in a net.  They dropped them into a live well inside the boat, then the fish "woke up" from being stunned.  After they fished for a while (15 min or so), we pulled up to the boat very close so we could hear them describe each of the fish and answer our questions.  It was very interesting and we got to see fish I had never even heard of!  He had a large mouth bass that was huge and I really wanted to eat it.  Hehe.  They released all of the fish.

Saturday evening we went back out to Paul's, enjoyed dinner together with everyone, and the guys continued to clean up.  Paul lost 11 trees, but most of them were pine.  They burned the leaves and branches that were down.  It was quite a bonfire!  I won't tell you how high the flames were.  ;)  Mitch and Paul were loving every minute of it.

Of course this morning we enjoyed going to church.  It is always a refreshing time for me and I look forward to it.  Today was fun because we saw so many friends.  After church Kathi got to skype with some of her family--yay!  And Kathi, Eden, and I did our normal weekly grocery shopping.  We went a little slower than normal and took time to explain some things.  It's hard, though, because there is no way we could see or explain everything.  There is too much to see even in just one store, and we went to three!  Kristin joined us at one of the stores and that was a lot of fun, too.

I am now ready to crash.  I'll post some pictures tomorrow I think.  I have some cool ones from archery at least!

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