Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tirzah almost 16 months

Oh! How fast you are growing!  Tirzah, at almost 16 months, you:

~weigh 20 lbs 5 oz (10th percentile)
~are 30.75" tall (50th percentile)
~are still long and skinny
~say dada, mama, papa, and mimic a few other sounds at random times, but score pretty low for vocabulary
~are very mobile--walking, running, and climbing on everything
~have 12 teeth, including your 1-year-old molars
~know where things belong
~know where mommy hides things you shouldn't have
~think the garbage can is some magic box that makes things disappear, and you try it out frequently.  On things that shouldn't be thrown away.
~love to unload mommy's purse
~look more like a little girl than like a baby, more and more everyday


  1. If her weight is in the 10th %ile for 16 months, I'm guessing J is not on the chart... That'll be fun when I finally get her in and get the "she's too small" speech! GRRR. She's a shorty too... 29 1/4 in. ")

  2. She is looking a lot like a little girl :)